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On-location photography in the Alps

Written by Jens-Linus Lundgren-Widén on . Posted in On location, Videos

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Portrait and editorial photographer Francesco Ridolfi is just as acquired with fine art projects as he is with commercial photography. Recently he got commissioned by König to do a campaign shoot in the Alps. So he filled his car with some Profoto B1 Off-Camera Flashes, Profoto D1 Monolights, and the BatPac, headed up the snowy mountains, and shot a behind the scenes video of it all.

The whole shoot took a total of three days. The first day was basically just for the trip and a quick location scouting of the place. Day two and three Francesco and his crew did the actual shoot. Since he was photographing in a pretty rough environment he needed equipment he could rely on.

“You don’t want to have any problem when you are on assignment for a client!” Francesco explains.

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Geoff Ang paints a picture with the Pro-8a Air

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© Geoff Ang

© Geoff Ang

Commercial photography can often take grand proportions. But no advertising shoot is too complex and no idea is too original for Geoff Ang. With the help of a few Pro-8a Generators he can really paint a picture.

Ad and commercial photographer Geoff Ang is known for taking on practical challenges with fearlessness and ease. With his abilities to handle complex and technical shoots he has really made a name for himself. That is why BBH Shanghai commissioned him to do a shooting for the paint company Dulux.

The concept behind the shoot may seem simple in theory: To advertise paint you splash your subject in color. The idea came from the creative team at BBH Shanghai and they showed some sketches to Geoff.

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Rising Light: Adrian Rae at Seattle Central College

Written by Harley Anderson on . Posted in Rising light

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© Adrian Rae

© Adrian Rae

Rising Light is an article series highlighting promising photography students from all over the world. This time we talk to Adrian Rae at Seattle Central College, who has her aim set on editoral photography.

In order to succeed as a photographer, or any profession for that matter, you have to see the bigger picture. Having ideals is fine, but if you plan on earning a living doing what you love best you need to understand what it takes to achieve your intended goal. Adrian Rae gets it.

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Coming Soon: Victoria Will Shoots Celebrity Tintypes at Sundance

Written by Rebecca Ahremark on . Posted in Videos

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Photographer Victoria Will is a commerical and editorial portrait photographer and her work appears in newspapers and magazines worldwide, from New York Times to Vogue. She has also been shooting celebrities at Sundance Filmfestival for several years now. But this this year she decided to do it differently.

Rather than bringing her new digital camera, she bought a really, really old one. Rather than creating digital files and prints, she used a century-old technique called tintypes, also know as melainotype or ferrotype.

The result: celebrity portraiture like you have never seen it before.

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The Winners of Our Mark Seliger Contest

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Recently we had a contest where you could win a signed book by famous photographer Mark Seliger. We are now happy to present the winners!

The lucky winners are Achilleas, Appie, Christopher, Elisa, Elyse, Jeff, Miranda, Paul and Wilfried. A big congratulations to all the winners! Signed copies of Mark Seliger’s books are on their way to your doorstep!

Did you miss all five Mark Seliger videos? Don’t worry – you’ll find them here: Read more