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The Winners of Our Mark Seliger Contest

Written by Rebecca Ahremark on . Posted in Contest

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Recently we had a contest where you could win a signed book by famous photographer Mark Seliger. We are now happy to present the winners!

The lucky winners are Achilleas, Appie, Christopher, Elisa, Elyse, Jeff, Miranda, Paul and Wilfried. A big congratulations to all the winners! Signed copies of Mark Seliger’s books are on their way to your doorstep!

Did you miss all five Mark Seliger videos? Don’t worry – you’ll find them here: Read more

Meet Andrew Bydlon, the Winner of Our Air Remote TTL-N Contest!

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©Andrew Bydlon

Meet Andrew Bydlon – American, Caveman Collective member and action/wildlife photographer. He is also the winner of our B1 + Air Remote TTL-N contest. 

Remember this? If not, here is what we did: we asked you to pitch an inspiring idea for a shoot with the Profoto B1 off-camera flash and the brand new, not yet released Air Remote TTL-N for Nikon. We promised that the photographer with the most inspiring idea would get the tools he or she needed to realise their idea.

We got almost 1.oo0 pitches. Many of them were crazy cool. But the idea we kept thinking about was Andrew Bydlon’s.

We’ll wait a while with telling you what Andrew’s idea is. Let’s just say it involves vertigo, the highline at Longs Peak mountain, Colorado, and that a B1 and an Air Remote TTL-N are on their way to Andrew.

Stay tuned for the outcome of his shoot. And a round of applause for Andrew!

Pitch Us Your Best Idea for a Shoot and Win a Profoto B1 + an Air Remote TTL-N for Nikon

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in Contest

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What is the Profoto B1?

The Profoto B1 is a cordless off-camera flash that can do TTL with any Canon camera. On September 15, we will release Air Remote TTL-N and thereby grant Nikon shooters the same option.

Can I somehow try the Profoto B1 with my Nikon even before that?

Yes. Click here and tell us about the most creative and inspiring (yet doable) shoot you can think of doing with a Profoto B1 + the Air Remote TTL-N + a Nikon camera.

Then what?

We’ll send a shiny new Profoto B1 and an Air Remote TTL-N to the photographer that pitches us the most goosebump-inducing idea.

What do you want me to do with it?

Keep it! In return, we simply want you to use it to turn your idea into reality. Also, when the shoot is done, we want to share your story and the images you shot on our social channels.

When does that contest close?

You have until August 25 to tell us about your idea. That is one week from now. The gear will be sent the day after.

I still have a few questions…

Use the comment field below. We’ll get back to you as fast as we can.

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Oscar Romagnoli Won an Original Wet Plate by Ian Ruhter

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©Oscar Romagnoli

It has been almost three months since we first announced our Ian Ruhter Original Wet Plate contest. But today we present the winner.

On July 2, we announced that we would give away an original wet plate plus three signed prints by Ian Ruhter to those who send us the most awe-inspiring images on the theme of light. On September 3, we presented the four finalists that we picked together with Ian Ruhter and his director Lane Power. Then it was time to vote.

Today, we present the winner. His name is Oscar Romagnoli, he lives in Buenos Aires, and his powerful portrait is named after the woman it depicts: Mariana.

“Mariana is a friend of mine,” says Oscar. “She works in a bicycle store. One day I heard day that she’d been involved in a serious accident. She had apparently been hit by a van while she was riding her bike. It really shocked me. To me Mariana had always been the kind of person that never goes through a bad moment. She is a super quiet and intelligent person, and I was just struck by the realization of how our lives can totally change in a second!!

“Soon after that, another friend of mine invited me to participate in a photographic exhibition of disabilities. I immediately thought of Mariana and asked he if she wanted to do this together. She agreed, and for the next six month we documented Mariana’s recovery. I believe this helped Mariana accept her new body a little more. She is getting better, little by little. She can now walk pretty good.

“My hope is that this image will help and encourage people in a situation similar to Marian’s. For the rest of us, perhaps it can be a reminder of how fragile yet valuable life is?”


Below are a few more shots from Oscar’s project with Marian. You will find even more at his website.

We would also like to once again say thanks to Oscar, the other finalists who will get signed prints sent to them, and all you who participated. This was a lot of fun!

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Last Week to Enter Our Ian Ruhter Wet Plate Giveaway Contest!

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Ok everybody, this is the last week of our Ian Ruhter wet plate giveaway contest! Have you submitted your image yet? If not, click here to learn what you need to do to get a chance to win!

Next week we will present the four finalists that Ian and we have picked. But the final decision will be yours, as you will be able to vote for your favorite on the contest page once the finalists have  been published.

Also, a round of applause for Nick Bartam, Claudia Moreno, Ramon Gellida, John Quintero, Wesley Schaefer, Martijn van Oers, Gourav Roy, Fabrice Giraud, Edouard Saillard and Jan Fialkowski who submitted these wonderful images on the theme of light.

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