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Frederico Martins adds color to his palette with OCF Gels

Written by Jens-Linus Lundgren-Widén on . Posted in Fashion photography, Off-camera flash, On location, Portrait photography

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© Frederico Martins

© Frederico Martins

Profoto products are usually not associated with color. But the brand new OCF Gels are about to change that. The new product itself is, of course, black and white. But for the first time in Profoto’s almost 50-year long history, you can now shape light in color.

Being creative with color gels is something Portuguese fashion photographer Frederico Martins does almost daily. Using contrasting colors to accentuate feelings is part of his modus operandi. So when we asked him to try out the new OCF Gels, he knew exactly what to do. His plan was simple yet challenging: shoot five different portraits, in five different color schemes, with five different people, in five different locations in his hometown Porto, Portugal.

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Light Shaping Tool of the Month: Collapsible Reflectors

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in Fashion photography

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Each month we highlight a certain item in Profoto’s rich assortment of Light Shaping Tools (previous articles can be found here). This month we talk to Portuguese fashion photographer Frederico Martins about our brand new Profoto Reflectors, released only yesterday!

Born and raised by the owner of a clothing store, fashion is not only Frederico Martins profession. It is in his blood. Today, he is an awarded fashion photographer who counts renowned publications such as Vogue, Elle, Maxim and GQ among his clients.

Frederico started his career shooting surfers, and ever since, he enjoys using the elements of nature and available light to his advantage. This is also the reason why he prefers working with reflectors.

“Working with reflectors is a more natural approach,” says Frederico. “You can forget about batteries, carrying heavy equipment and adjusting the color temperature. You get a natural look and feel with very little effort.” Read more

Shape Sunlight or Bounce Flash Light with our New Collapsible Reflectors

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in News

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We do not need tell you why collapsible reflectors are great. Every photographer knows that (affordable, lightweight, easy to use, etc.). But what you most probably did not know is that we just released a bunch of them.

So, what make ours stand out from the crowd of collapsible reflectors? Well, here are a couple of features that we think make our Collapsible Reflectors special:

First of all, the sturdy yet collapsible squircle-shaped metal frame is equipped with two ergonomically shaped handles. This makes the reflectors much easier to fold and hold in various positions. Also, the Collapsible Reflectors have a squircle shape that is quite unique.

Secondly, we put a lot of effort into making sure our Collapsible Reflectors are as tough and reliable as possible. They are designed with high-quality fabrics and the frame itself is far tougher and durable than your average reflector.

Last but not least, Profoto’s Collapsible Reflectors are available in no less than ten different versions. Four types of two-sided reflectors are available: Silver/White, Sunsilver/White, Gold/White & Matte Black/White. There is also a translucent screen available to be used as a diffuser. Each of these is available in two sizes: Medium (80 cm /32’’) and Large (120 cm /47”).

Below you fill find a complete list of all the Collapsible Reflectors that are available as of today. For more information, please go to the dedicated page at our website.

You will also find a couple of behind-the-scenes images below, showing Portuguese fashion photographer Frederico Martins in action with the new Collapsible Reflectors. Tomorrow, we will publish the full story from Frederico’s shoot. Stay tuned!

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