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Portraits of People’s Faces When Hit With A Stun Gun

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in Portrait photography

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Portrait photographer Patrick Hall wanted to capture real emotions in real people. So he held a camera to their face and hit them with 300.000 volts of electricity. The result? Some stunning (haaa…) portraits and one of the most talked about videos this week!

“As a portrait photographer, you’re always trying to get something real,” says Patrick Hall. “And what’s interesting about this photo shoot is that there is no way you can fake your emotion or your expression when you’re getting hit with 300.000 volts of electricity.

Well, we can’t argue with that, Patrick…

The video, posted by the good people at Fstoppers, spread like wildfire. Of course, watching the video, we couldn’t help but notice what tools Patrick was using – three Profoto D1 1.000 Ws moonlights, two HR Softboxes and a classic Zoom Reflector.

Those of you who want to get into the nitty gritty details about Patrick’s setup and solution should defintiely check out his thorough behind-the-scenes video, which you will find below.

You should also head over to Fstoppers for the full story and more final shots.

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How Frederic Schlosser Made a Parked Car Look As If It Is Moving At 150 km/h

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in Commercial photography

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“So you have a priceless Porsche race car to photograph for an ad campaign and you have to make it look like it’s driving really fast, but space is tight and you left your stunt driver at home. So how do you get the shot of this car driving fast while parked?”

That was the question that Fstoppers staff writer Douglas Sonders asked his readers a while ago. This video holds the answer to that question. If you haven’t seen it already – buckle up and prepare to be amazed as photographer Frederic Schlosser shows what you can achieve with a little know-how and of couple of D1 monoglights and RFi softboxes.

Head over to the Fstoppers site for the full story, including more information about the shoot and some behind-the-scenes shots.

Click here to see more of Frederic’s work.

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Fstoppers’ B1 Off-camera Flash Review

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in Review

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Fstoppers staff writer and portrait photographer Zach Sutton just published a thorough B1 off-camera flash review. His verdict? “Exceptional.”

Zach starts off the review by naming the B1 “the most exciting product announced within the last year.” He then discusses its build and interface, its TTL function, cordless design and fast recycing, amongst other things.

Finally, he concludes:

“Profoto refuses to call the Profoto B1 a speedlight or monolight, but rather, an off-camera flash. What I like to call it, however, is exceptional,” he writes. “I was beyond excited when this light was announced back in November, and I’m only more excited now. I truly believe that the Profoto B1 is the best product to come out for photographers in the last year, and only makes me excited that wall powered studio strobes can someday be a thing of the past.”

Click here for the full story.

Fstoppers Reviews our Brand New Collapsible Reflectors

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in Review

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The very first review of our brand new Collapsible Reflectors has been published. It is the good people over at Fstoppers that have tried and tested them. And they like them.

The review was done by photographer David Bickley, who brought the Collapsible Reflectors and two models with him to a luxurious apartment for some beautiful portraiture work.

David starts the review by saying:

“A reflector is a reflector. Right? That was my first thought when I was asked to be the first to review Profoto’s new line of collapsible reflectors. ”It’s a reflector, are you serious?” I mean come on, in what possible way could this be any different from everything else I’ve used? A reflector is a reflector. However, obviously I said yes and here we are…and I was wrong. So very, very wrong.”

He concludes with saying:

“Overall I love this line of collapsibles. They are sturdy, comfortable and easy to control even for the inexperienced on set. I really just want to give the design team a big high-five for doing so well where every other reflector design has fallen short.”

Head over to Fstoppers for the full story.

We also recommend checking out David’s beautiful website.

If you want to learn more about our Collapsible Reflectors, head over to our website or check out our latest Light Shaping Tool of the Month piece.

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Car Photography at a Dallas Rooftop

Written by Fredrik Franzén on . Posted in Videos

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Cruising around downtown Dallas – shooting, shooting and scouting for even more locations to shoot – young and hungry car photographer Pepper Yandell and his crew somehow managed to also do their very first behind-the-scenes video. And it is pretty amazing.

“The photoshoot is for AuteSource Dallas and HRE Wheels,” Pepper told the guys over at Fstoppers in a recent post. “AutoSource gave me the keys to their 1,200HP Jotech Stage 6 Widebody Nissan GT-R repainted in Lamborghini’s Verde Ithica color, and my current favorite car, the Ferrari 458 Spider. I already had some locations picked out, and then we scouted out the rest as we were cruising around town. The first location was simply some containers we stumbled across as we were driving down the street from AutoSource. The second location was my buddy’s warehouse, the Dallas Automobile Storehouse in Addison, TX. The last location was this shut down, under construction hotel + parking garage my friend Nathan the construction manager got us access to.”

Note that even though Pepper had a crew with him, most of them were busy filming the video and doing the bts shots. The final stills (which you will find below) were done with only one or two D1 monoglights, which were repositioned between each exposure and layered in postproduction to give the cars that glittering, larger-than-life feel.

Considering that this is Pepper and his crew’s very first behind-the-scenes video, we cannot wait to see what they will come up with next…

Click here for the final shots.

For more information, check out Pepper’s website or his Facebook page.

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