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Michael Mueller Shoots Skaters Rushing Down a Mountainside at 100 km/h with the B1 Off-camera Flash

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©Michael Mueller

It is now exactly two weeks since the launch of the B1 off-camera flash caused such a storm of clicks that our website came crashing down. We partly blame Michael Mueller for that. His images are just too good to ignore.

In early September, the B1 off-camera flash was ready to be launched to the public. But before doing so, the development team at Profoto wanted to give their new flash a proper test drive – or to be more precise, they wanted a professional photographer to do it.

The B1 is a cordless off-camera flash with TTL, designed to not only catch the action but also freeze it in time with absolute sharpness. So it seemed only natural to give it to a photographer whose images are oozing with adrenaline. If you are familiar with German sports photographer Michael Mueller, you know he fits that description like a glove.

Michael happily accepted the proposal and brought his team to a mountain to shoot death-defying downhill skateboarders rushing down a road. In their bags were B1s, a BatPac, Zoom Reflectors, a Phase One 645DF+ camera and standard Air Remotes, amongst other things. Read more

Introducing the B1 Off-camera Flash

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Last Friday, we hinted that we would release a new, revolutionizing flash. Yesterday, its release caused such a storm of clicks and visitors that our website crashedToday, we present the reason for all this ruckus: the B1 off-camera flash

We call the B1 an off-camera flash because it is not a speedlight and it is not a monolight. It is a new kind of flash that brings a whole new way of shooting. “Once you try it, it changes everything,” said Richard Walch, the first photographer who tried it. We believe that’s true.

Why? Because it has TTL, so you get a perfect exposure in a flash. Because it is battery-powered and cordless, so you can take it with you wherever you go and put it wherever you want. Add to that the power, speed and light shaping possibilities that Profoto lights are known for, and you have an off-camera flash that makes great light easy.

Scroll down and we will get into the details a bit more. Read more

Here Are the Five Most Popular Stories on the Profoto Blog this Month!

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Another month has passed, and it is once again time to revisit the most popular stories on the Profoto Blog.

Here are the top five from September, including a naked girl riding on an elk, people running down a mountain, cars of roofs, colorful splashes and a unique Light Shaping Tool:


Michael Mueller: Between a Rock and a Hard Reflector

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©Michael Mueller

©Michael Mueller

Remember Michael Mueller who climbed a mountain with Profoto strobes to shoot ski hikers? Guess what? He has done it again. But this time even faster athletes have replaced the ski hikers.

Michael Mueller’s stunning images for the Dynafit winter collection struck a chord amongst photographers and athletes alike. Seeing perfectly lit skiers fighting their way through a snowstorm is not something you see every day. It was inspiring, regardless of whether you are a photographer or athlete.

So, it should come as no surprise that Dynafit once again contacted Michael when the time came to shoot its summer collection. The assignment was similar: shoot the athletes in a larger than life way, yet with a natural feel. But there were some important differences: it was now summertime and the subjects were fearless alpine runners.

“In a way it’s easier to shoot in wintertime, because the snow reflects the light so you don’t need as many flashes,” says Michael. “We brought three flash heads for the winter shoot. This time we brought six. In addition, we could now only go up to 2,000 meters by car, so we had to hike the final 500 meters to the top.”


Read more

Michael Mueller: Extreme Sports, Extreme Conditions

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©Michael Mueller

First of all, to avoid any confusion: the Michael Mueller who shot these images is not the same photographer who shoots sharks and invents waterproof Profoto heads. No, this is the Michael Mueller who shoots action sports and brings Profoto strobes with him to a snowy mountaintop.

“I like being outside,” says Michael. “I also like photographing people who are outside, and I find it rewarding to try to capture all the positive things I associate with this: the adrenaline, the forces of nature, the changing weather, the feelings you get when you’re riding your bike or skiing down a slope.”

It all started when Michael was in his early twenties and his snowboarding friends asked him to take some action shots of them. Michael soon realized that not only did he enjoy the assignment; he actually had a knack for taking photographs that inspires people to get out of their seductively comfortable sofas and head out into nature.

Needless to say, the encouraging, positive feel of Michael’s images has made him sought-after amongst brands that want their customers to feel just that – encouraged and inspired. The images in this article were shot during one such assignment, and the client in question was ski mountaineering brand Dynafit.

“The current trend in that particular market is quite realistic photographs, shot with available light only,” says Michael. “But Dynafit wanted something different. They wanted something that felt natural yet extraordinary. So, after discussing it with my agency Pascher & Heinz, I decided to bring strobes with me to the shoot.”

Said and done. Michael and his crew packed an Pro-B3 battery generator, spare batteries, a ProHead and a spare Pro-B Head too, just in case. Then they headed for the slope. Read more