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Sports Photographer Jed Jacobsohn Deals With Pranksters and Seagulls

Written by Jens-Linus Lundgren-Widén on . Posted in Portrait photography, RFi, Sports photography

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Marshawn Lynch

© Jed Jacobsohn

Sports photographers run in to all sorts of problems during a shoot. Witty athletes are probably not the most severe of them. Jed Jacobsohn tells a story of how he got pranked by American football player Marshawn Lynch.

Taking editorial portraits of top performing athletes is like shooting a-listed film stars or royalty. They are busy people and they don’t have much time to spare for photography shoots. There’s often a tight schedule where you need to fit in, especially since the writer usually steals most of the time from the subject.

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Rising Light: Casey Jade at College of Southern Nevada

Written by Harley Anderson on . Posted in Rising light

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© Casey Jade

© Casey Jade


Rising Light is a monthly article series highlighting promising photography students from all over the world. In this first article we meet Casey Jade who is a Photography Major at the College of Southern Nevada. Casey used Pro-B4 Battery Generators to freeze splashes of milk. Here is how she did it.

Casey Jade chose the College of Southern Nevada because, unlike most other colleges that focus on the fine art aspects of photography, it actually offers a real-deal commercial photography program.

Considering the fact most artsy types her age make little of the business end of making art – Casey ‘gets it’. She especially appreciates the fact her teachers actually earn their livings as photographers, they don’t just teach it.

“This school is amazing. Honestly, I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world”.


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Alexia Sinclair Goes Into the Dark Woods and Lights up the Creatures of the Night

Written by Alexia Sinclair on . Posted in Videos

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In the second part of Into The Gloaming, Alexia Sinclair leaves the comfort of her studio in search of a one hundred year old weeping beech tree. With her is a porcelain skinned heroine, a dress made of moths and a bag full of toadstools. The dedication and attention to detail is beyond belief. Here is the full story in Alexia’s own words.

As much as I love set construction and working in the studio (it never rains), some things just can’t be recreated on set, namely a gorgeous one hundred year old weeping beech tree.

With only a week until the tree would lose all it’s leaves (winter is coming, at least in Australia) we had to act fast to manifest this gateway between the real and the surreal.
Shooting on location is all about planning for that 5 minute window where the ambient intersects with the artificial and creates something otherworldly. With that in mind the only question that matters is: When exactly will the Sun be in that 5 minute window? And then how do I make sure that everything is ready for that moment.

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How Joe McNally Turned An Empty Room Into a Scary Halloween Fairy Tale

Written by Rebecca Ahremark on . Posted in Commercial photography

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© Joe McNally

© Joe McNally

© Joe McNally

© Joe McNally

Sometimes, you just have to let your imagination run free. That’s exactly what photographer Joe McNally did for this Halloween-inspired shoot. Borned and raised on comic books and vivid imaginations of Mordor, Joe’s imagination ran all the way back to his darkest childhood fantasies.

In a recently published story on his blog, Joe McNally reveals how he turned an empty room into a scary Halloween fairy tale. With great help from a brilliant body painter, a talented hair stylist, producers and assistants, Joe turned his vision into reality.

Lighting-wise, Joe brought a bit of everything. He had three AcuteB2 battery generators, one powerful B4 battery generator and two B1 Off-Camera Flashes. He also added five SB 910 speed lights to the mix.

“Each light had a job to do, in a specific area of the photo,” Joe writes. “Then they all had to mesh into something plausible.”.

It all started with a shimmer and an idea and ended up as really amazing images.

Head over the his blog for the full story. This is too good to miss.

“The Light Shaper” Battles the Forces of Nature with Flashes and Collapsible Reflectors

Written by Andrea Belluso on . Posted in The light shaper

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Andrea Belluso is an experienced photographer with more than three decades in the business. Once a month, Andrea takes us behind the scenes of a recent shoot to share some of the knowledge he has gained over the years. Today, we join him on a challenging on-location shoot where the forces of nature seem to conspire against him.

There are days when the whole world seems to smile upon you. But there are also days when the forces of nature seem to conspire against you. This shoot belongs in the latter category…

The shoot was done at Långtora Airfield outside Stockholm, which is the airfield where my gliding club is based. The look we were going for was a modern version of the flying ladies of the 1940s. Quite a few of the classic Hollywood stars flew gliders. The particular glider we were borrowing for this shoot was used by the Danish air force during the 1940s to train fighter pilots. Some people at the club claim that the gilder was once flown by Greta Garbo. But that fact is still to be verified…

Lighting-wise, we planned to shoot with sunlight and Collapsible Reflectors only. I wanted a subtle and natural backlight in the images, and Collapsible Reflectors are great for that. The fact that Profoto offer ten different Collapsible Reflectors in six fabrics (black, white, silver, sunsilver, gold and translucent) would be helpful, as that allowed us to create different light characters and moods by simply replacing one Collapsible Reflector with another.

That was the plan. But as it turned, the forces of nature refused to cooperate. Read more