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Andrea “The Light Shaper” Belluso creates the hardest light possible

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Andrea Belluso is an experienced photographer with more than three decades in the business. Every now and then, Andrea takes us behind the scenes of a recent shoot to share some of the knowledge he has gained over the years. This time we get to join him on a sunny beach in Dubai, using a selection of Hard Reflectors to create a super hard light.

Shooting cars has never been my thing. I shoot a lot of fashion, beauty and lifestyle, sometimes portraits and editorials too. But cars? No.

So when Gulf Photo Plus contacted me and told me that Cadillac Arabia wanted me to do a commercial job for them, I hesitated. Sure, they wanted fashion and lifestyle like pictures. But there obviously needed to be a large, shiny car in the image too. This was definitely a job way outside my comfort zone.

But then I started thinking. I’ve been a photographer for more than three decades now. I understand light. I know how to light. All I had to do was to apply that knowledge to a slightly different situation. I would be like a little lighting adventure! Plus, leaving your comfort zone is good, right? If I wanted to take the safe route, I would’ve listened to my mother’s advice and chosen a different career path all those years ago…

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How Jonathan Menga Used Flashes and Smoke Machines to Make His Neighborhood Park Look Like a Forest

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One day when Jonathan Menga was out walking in his neighborhood, he fell upon a baseball park he hadn’t really noticed before. Jonathan’s mind started working. Soon, he had an idea. With a clever use of gelled flashes and smoke machines, he would be able to turn the small park into something else. 

A few days later, Jonathan returned with a model, an assistant and a make up artist. In his gear bag was two Profoto Acute2 packs, two Acute/D4 Heads, a speedlight, a Softlight Reflector and a bunch of colored gels.

“I wanted these forest photoshoot images to have some sort of mood to them and give off a story,” writes Jonathan on his blog.

Jonathan had some help from the weather conditions. It was a cloudy day and the trees were dark. The mood was further enhanced by the gelled flashes and the smoke machine that Jonathan had brought.

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Igor Artetxe’s B1 Off-camera Flash Marathon

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Hey, watch this! It’s another video showing the B1 off-camera flash in action!

This time we get to chase after Spanish portrait photographer Igor Artetxe running around Barcelona. Igor did this little mini Marathon to put the B1’s portability to the test. Igor and his assistant simply put on their jogging shoes, grabbed a Canon EOS 5D MkIII equipped with an Air Remote TTL-C, a B1 off-camera falsh and a Softlight Reflectors Silver, and headed out into the streets for some on-location shots.

All portraits were supposedly taken with the same camera settings (1/125 f9 ISO200). In other words, Igor trusted the B1 to automatically adjusts it output depending on the distance to the subject, the amount of available light, and etcetera. Igor also made a point of not retouching the images, except for a bit of contrast in some cases where the sun had came directly into his camera.

“I wanted to try all the possibilities and that’s why I wanted to go outside and use people from the streets for my portraits, everyone is in different places, with sun, with shadow, both…” writes Igor. ” A whole new world to discover and explore!”

Click play and see how the test played out.

The check out Igor’s website when you’re done.
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