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Carnival of Dreams: Wet plate artist Ian Ruhter and actor Gary Oldman visits Slab City

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Last year Ian Ruther shared his journey to Slab City with us.  Now he returns to the mystical place to do a video documentary together actor Gary Oldman.

Carnival of Dreams is a short film based on the unforeseen events that transpired over a 48-hour period in a magical place called Slab City where the wet plate collodion artist Ian Ruhter and his wet plate technician Will Eichelberger set out to make the world’s largest Ambrotype.


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Slab City: Ian Ruhter on creating the largest wet plate collodion ambrotype in the world

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© Ian Ruhter

© Ian Ruhter

Already dubbed the Master of Wet Plate Photography by us, Ian Ruhter needs no introduction. Recently he embarked on a journey to Slab City, to create the world’s largest wet plate collodion. He tells an inspirational tale enveloped in philosophical queries.

I’ve spent a lot of time and energy making pictures that appease everyone else, but leave me questioning if they represent what is truly in my heart. My images of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and pristine landscaped photos appear to be what everyone is typically interested in. It is great to receive praise and recognition, even being compared to Ansel Adams – which is one of the highest compliments you can receive. The problem is it’s not who I am. When I chose to make the world’s largest wet plate collodion direct positives (ambrotypes) I didn’t quite know what I was getting my self into. It’s been incredibly difficult and extremely expensive. I thought by going along with all this attention and praise there would be some kind of pay off, ironically enough it left me feeling empty and still searching to find myself.

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Ian Ruhter’s Workshop at Palm Springs Photo Festival: How to Do Wet Plates with Profoto Strobes

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At this year’s Palm Springs Photo Festival, photographer Ian Ruhter held a workshop on how to do wet plates with Profoto strobes. All these shots were created by his students (including a famous face you’ll all recognize) on the second day. And here is how it all went down, in Ian’s own words. 

It was almost a decade ago that I picked up my first camera. I took my first photography class and my eyes were opened to something that my senses had never felt before.

Shortly after, I realized that I was holding a new passport to the world in my hands and that this craft was one of the greatest gifts anyone has ever given me. Since this time the camera has led me around the world– a couple of times. Along the way, during this great adventure, I learned from many different photographers. Today, I am happy that I am able to share this gift with others. Read more

Heartwarming Interview with Ian Ruhter, the Master of Wet Plate Photography

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Ian Ruther, Master of wet plate photography

©Ian Ruhter

Long-term readers of our blog are well-aware that we are huge fans of Ian Ruhter’s work. Evidently, so is the good people at Steez Magazine who just posted an interview with Ian. It’s good. You should read it. 

Being a snow and skate culture magazine, there is admittedly not a lot about lighting in the article. But there is, on the other hand, quite a lot about the photographer’s creative process and the craft of wet plate photography. Click here to to read the full article.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to once again highlight a few of our favorite Ian Ruhter videos: MadisonAmerican DreamWhen Death Do Us Part and When Dream Collide. Every single one of them is worth watching more than once.

Here Are Another Ten Submissions in our Ian Ruhter Wet Plate Giveaway Contest!

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Our Ian Ruhter wet plate giveaway contest closes in less than two weeks now! Have you submitted your image yet? If not, click here to learn what you need to do to get a chance to win!

We would also like to take this opportunity to share yet another ten (five in each category) submissions that have been sent to us. This time we have the honor of showing striking images by Carly Blackman, Paul Heran, Christopher Getts, Anil Bolukbas, Savannah Gordon, Jackie Buyck, Felix Bernier, Brandon Falls, Joe Black and Erik Willygis.

Think you can top that?

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