VIDEO: Brian Braun’s Rare Guitar Collection

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Brian Braun’s spectacular behind-the-scenes video from his McLaren MP4 12-c shoot ranks among the most popular videos we have posted here. Now, Brian returns with a refreshingly different video in which the dramatic strings, the muscle car and the large set have been exchanged for rock music, rare guitars and a single D1 monolight.

Brian himself writes:

Sometimes I work with a big crew and sometimes I work alone. I enjoy both immensely.  Being a guitar player since I was 16 this was such a treat. My favorite…the Gold Top Les Paul. Never been a huge fan of something that flashy but it photographed so well I fell in love with it.

For this shoot I wanted something very minimal, dark, sexy. The kind of scene of a guitar laying on some rock star’s bed sheets. As you can see this is a super simple set up anybody can do with just a large softbox.

Those who want to see more of Brian’s work should check out his website or his blog.

Brian's set up

Gear used:

  • Canon 5d mk ii
  • Canon 24-70 2.8L
  • Canon 100 2.8L macro ii
  • 1 Profoto D1 monolight
  • Large Softbox
  • Pocket Wizard triggers
  • Adobe Lightroom 3
  • Nik Color Efex Pro 2
  • Nik Viveza 2

Note: TURN OFF THE LIGHTS! You want it as dark as possible to reduce reflections and increase light fall off!

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