Chris Daidone’s Upgrade to D1 Air 500’s

Written by Ron Egatz on . Posted in Videos

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Photographer Chris Daidone has written a blog post about upgrading from his Profoto 600R units to new Profoto D1 Air 500 lights. Daidone writes, in part,

All I can say is WOW! The differences are almost staggering. Starting with the most obvious, the D1’s are almost half the size of their bulkier predecessor, which makes transporting a bit easier.

Daidone also rates that when combined with the Profoto BatPac, the recycle rate “is nothing short of outstanding.” Be sure to read the entire post for the rest of the details.

Thanks very much, Chris. Glad you’re happy with your new gear and making great images.

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  • Chris Daidone


    Thanks for putting my post on the Profoto site… That’s awesome!! To see the pictures I’ve made utilizing the D1 Air / Batpac combination, go to:

    Thanks again,
    Chris Daidone


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