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Doug Gordon will be hosting a three-day weekend workshop via creativeLIVE featuring his unique flow posing system. Gordon will demonstrate his system of moving from one pose to another in order to create 30-50 completely different poses within a few minutes.

Everything from the plus-size subject, to different heights, races, nationalities and people with disabilities will be covered across all types of people photography, from weddings to portraits. Posing types included will be boudoir, maternity, trash the dress, teens, weddings, groups, and others.

If the posing isn’t enough, Doug will go through all types of lighting situations showing everything from a Flashpoint Cool Light to a Nikon Speed Light, and everything in between. Doug will also explain his studio workflow for over 1,000 weddings a year and nearly 5,000 portraits. The best part is it’s LIVE and FREE if you watch during the 3-day live broadcast starting this Thursday, 10/11 at 9am PST!

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  • Christian Czako


    Photographers need to hire professional sound men …..


  • Calin


    I had the privilege to see Doug speak and I was blown out of the water of his system that revolves around efficiency!!! Besides his amazing interpersonal and sales skills, Doug is so obsessed with efficiency that he is able to finish retouching and upload the photos on the night of the wedding so that guests can order the next day. Images that take Doug 15-25 seconds take me tens of minutes to retouch. His Flow Posing system is so good, you can obtain 50+poses in minutes…Doug invented his own keyboard and through a press of a button applies actions in PS…even though the keyboard is fairly expensive ($300+), if you think how much time you save, it pays itself in a few days (depending on how much you pay yourself 🙂

    He is a true inspiration.


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