Fstoppers’ Exclusive Look at Art Streiber’s Paramount’s 100th Anniversary Photo

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The old saying is “go big, or go home,” and Art Streiber seems to have taken that as his photographic motto. We’ve posted before about Streiber’s 57 strobe masterpiece shoots. Why should we have expected anything has changed?

Called in for Paramount Studios’ 100th Anniversary, Streiber went big to capture multiple generations of Hollywood royalty. Now get behind-the-scenes details with this new post by the talented guys at Fstoppers. In order to give 116 celebrities flattering, even lighting, Art needed 57 Profoto heads, 34 Magnum Reflectors, and a number of 7 inch grid reflectors and striplights. He fired everything with only five PocketWizard radio triggers!

As you can imagine, the planning for this shoot was incredibly extensive, but it was worth it. The shoot itself only took about 20 minutes. That’s what happens when pros are hired and they know how to go big. Happy birthday Paramount Studios, and congrats to Art Streiber, his team, and Fstoppers for their great article!

Read the entire behind the-scenes account and see more of Art’s work at his site.

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