Fstoppers Pushing the Pro-B4

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©Nick Fancher

©Nick Fancher

Here’s something we don’t see very often. When was the last time you saw two different types of water frozen in a photograph? Not frozen because of temperature, but frozen by incredibly fast flash duration?

Our friends at Fstoppers are at it again. They’ve published a post by Nick Fancher detailing his test drive of the Profoto Pro-B4. Francher froze individual drops and captured streaks with a longer shutter speed.

“Power and speed is where the Pro-B4 excels,” writes Fancher.

Don’t miss the full story at Fstoppers’ site. See more of Nick Fancher’s work at his site.


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  • Cippiri


    omg the results are horrible.
    What about the water streaks? is this post about the capabilities of the B4 or a photographer’s “choice”? Are you guys so in need of blog content that you will publish anything – even bad stuff?


  • RVB


    I like the finished shot.. what shutter speed was used? and was a grid used on the reflector…?


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