Lucas Jackson’s Olympic Portraits

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Alexander Massialas | ©Lucas Jackson

New York based photographer Lucas Jackson was recently hired to photograph a number of American Olympic Athletes during a media summit. The assignment meant that Lucas had to shoot a lot of portraits in very limited amount of time, so he decided to keep it simple – a grey background or an American flag as backdrop, depending on the Athlete in question.

To save time, Lucas also decided to use Profoto’s Air system. He writes:

“I wanted to use Profoto lights as they have a remote controller and trigger called the “Air Remote” that I could put on my camera to control the light’s power output from the controller mounted on top of the camera. This would save me precious time as I wouldn’t have to physically go to each of the four lights to change their outputs depending on whether I was shooting on the grey seamless backdrop or the flag.”

The entire story was published yesterday at the Photographers Blog at Reuters. Check it out.

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