Master Series: Greg Heisler Photographs Alonzo Mourning

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Every few months, Profoto has the pleasure of interviewing an accomplished and highly regarded photographer to bring you their passion and knowledge of light shaping. This collection of interviews makes up the Master Series.

The latest addition to the Master Series features New York-based photographer Greg Heisler, renowned for his technical mastery and iconic Time Magazine covers, to name just a few examples.

In this fifth video Greg reveals how he created this amazing portrait of NBA star Alonzo Mourning for ESPN Magazine.

The sixth and final video will be posted in exactly one week. In case you missed any of the first four videos, check our dedicated Master Series page.

You can see more of Greg’s work at his website. He is also a frequent Twitterer.

Profoto | Alonzo Mourning | ©Gregory Heisler

©Gregory Heisler

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