Using a Ring Flash with Mark Wallace

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This video from Mark Wallace is all about ringflashes, what they are, and how to use them. Using a Acute2/D4 Ring flash and Softlight Reflector, he demonstrates the differences between using a ring flash on camera and off, as a key light and fill light, and between it and a traditional softbox.

He says, “it’s hard to pull people away from the ring flash because it’s just so much fun and you get great results.”

For more Mark Wallace goodness, check out snapfactory. His new program Mark Wallace: Live, offers photography workshops you can watch online for free. Don’t miss The Three-Light Setup.


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  • Kirk


    Nice promotional video to sell ring lights. What I find unusual is that there’s no example of using the ring light with the softlight reflector on camera. You retain the nice punchy look and there’s no red eye. Use the close up reflector and you’ll have even more contrast with nice specular highlights. Use the wide soft reflector for a much more diffuse fill. Few pros shoot with no modifier on the ring light unless they have a significant amount of light being added by other sources. Show your AD images with red eye and you’ll get a look of horror. Even if you can correct it you don’t have the real eyes of the model.


  • Ken Tan


    Love the ring flash! Thanks for the tutorial. Amazing results, Mark! 🙂


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