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John Keatley - Coffee Face

Coffee Face | © John Keatley 2012

If there was an award for best video bio, advertising and celebrity portrait photographer John Keatley might win it. It’s got lumberjacks and Pomeranians and the kind of attention to detail you usually only see in high-end advertising. This is why John is so good at what he does: quirky and fun with great precision. In this post, he shares some behind the scenes details about a recent personal project.

My goal was to create a series of images where the models were quite animated within the context of a light hearted, quirky situation. I feel it is important to always be creating new work and experimenting outside of paid commissions, so I am constantly producing personal projects like this.

I used a Profoto Giant Silver 150 for the key light in this shot because I love the soft wrapping quality of the light, but it still has a punchy hard edge to it. This would give the image a clean look, but the edge you would expect from a sunny outdoor shot.

John Keatley lighting diagram

Lighting diagram | © John Keatley 2012

I love the consistency and quality of Profoto lighting. The tools Profoto makes allow me to dream up anything I want, and know I will be able to make it a reality.

Check out for portraits of Annie Leibovitz, Tim Gunn, Sarah Palin, and the CEO of I Can Has Cheezburger getting eaten by cats.


All images and video in this post are used with permission and ©John Keatley, all rights reserved; story is ©Profoto. Please respect and support photographers’ rights. Feel free to link to this blog post, but please do not replicate or re-post elsewhere without written permission.

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