VIDEO: How to Use Lighting to Create Different Moods

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Stillmotion has created a video which breaks down three lighting scenarios, each of which utilizes a variety of Profoto gear.

The Profoto gear featured includes the Air Remote, Cine Reflector, Magnum Reflector, ProDaylight Air, ProTungsten Air, Softbox 2×3 ft., Softbox 4×6 ft., and the Softlight Reflector White.

Stillmotion just won three Emmys and we love this video, which even details how to set up individual Profoto lights, not just the positioning of different heads. A second Stillmotion video will be released June first, and will document how to set up up interview lighting. Keep visiting us here to see it as soon as it’s out.

Check out more work from Stillmotion on their site and their blog. You can also find them on Vimeo and Twitter.

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