VIDEO: Frasershot Shoots Star Chef Dishes

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Behind-the-scenes videos from product shots is unfortunately something we do not see very often. Especially not the kind that were shot in a bustling kitchen…

Luckily for us, Craig Fraser from Northamptonshire-based Frasershot was kind enough to share such a video with us. The video was shot in Michelin star chef Chris Eden’s hotel restaurant, and shows how Craig and his colleagues use a Hasselblad with a 120mm lens and a set of Profoto lights and softboxes to immortalize Chris’ spectacular, custom designed dishes.

Watch on your own risk. You will get hungry.

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Comments (4)

  • Ali


    I liked the video very much
    It would be nice to see at least a glimpse of the light setup.


  • Debbi


    He showed the light setup on either side in softboxes


  • Craig Fraser


    Hi Guys,
    Thanks for viewing, yes to avoid bleaching out the crockery I had 2 softboxes vertically to skim the plate and used a prohead with a 10 degree grid to fill in some highlights. The finished shots will be on my blog in the next week or so.


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