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To promote their new DVD, How To Become a Professional Wedding Photographer, Lee Morris of Fstoppers has released a free excerpt on how to light large group shots of wedding guests in churches.

Churches, like many venues, have their quirks and challenges when it comes to lighting. They may be dim, have high vaulted ceilings, or mixed lighting. Lee has found the easiest way to overcome these issues is to light up the whole sanctuary using a Profoto D1 Air 1000 Monolight.

He writes, “The key to lighting up an entire church for posed pictures is power. In some small sanctuaries on-camera flashes can work, but for the vast majority, you are going to need some considerable power to pull this off. I personally use Profoto D1 lights for three reasons: They are small, they are powerful (1000 watts), and they have radio receivers built-in. I’ve used other power pack systems in the past, and they work fine, but they are much more complicated to set up and at a wedding, time is always an issue.”

Watch the video above and read the post on Fstoppers. Get Fstoppers’ wedding DVD here.


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