VIDEO: George Holz lights Beyoncé

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As part of the Profoto Master Series, a new video has been released featuring George Holz. In this first of three videos with Holz, watch as he details some of his work from almost 30 years ago with Brad Pitt, Madonna, and Angelina Jolie early in their careers.

The heart of the video has him describing his recent shoot with Beyoncé for Spin. Holz details his lighting rig, including why and how each piece is used. A lighting diagram is provided. His lighting tools on this shoot were:

We’ve also released two other videos with George:

In Conversation with George Holz
George Holz: Favorite Light Shaping Tools

Watch for three more videos with this master in the coming months, including a shoot with Jack Nicholson, Yoko Ono and Megan Mullaly and a shoot of the entire cast fo JJ Abrams’ FRINGE.

Want to see more of George’s work? Check out his site.

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