VIDEO: Jeremy Cowart Photographs Cherie

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This is the sixth Master Series video featuring Jeremy Cowart. In the first video, Jeremy talked about his artistic portrait of singer/songwriter Imogen Heap, the second video focused on his humanitarian projects, the third video featured Jeremy talking about his favorite Light Shaping Tools, the fourth video focused on the content of his trusty travel kit, and the fifth video took us behind the scenes of his shoot with living legend Kris Kristofferson.

In this video, Jeremy talks about a personal work he did together with his friend and model Cherie. Once again, Jeremy decided to keep it quite simple, using only 1 AcuteB2 600 AirS, 1 AcuteB Head and 1 Softbox 1×1.3′ RF.

“Photographers tend to overthink lighing,” says Jeremy. “But a lot of times it really can be super-simple. I depend on one light set ups quite a bit, and I encourage photographers to start small, start with one light. Build it up over time if you need to, but you really can accomplish a lot with just one light.”

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