VIDEO: Jeremy Cowart’s Mobile Set Up

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This is the fourth Master Series video featuring Jeremy Cowart. In the first video, Jeremy took us behind the scenes of his portrait of singer/songwriter Imogen Heap, the second video focused on his humanitarian projects, and the the third video featured Jeremy talking about his favorite Light Shaping Tools: the Beuaty Dish, the Softbox 2×3′ RF and the Zoom Reflector with a grid.

In this video, Jeremy talks about his trusty kit that he brings with him to every single shoot.

“It all fits in a little bag, it goes overhead in an airplane, and to this day I’m amazed that I can get on a plane with the whole Profoto kit with me,” says Jeremy. “It’s pretty amazing.”

Just click that play button to learn what the kit contains…

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Comments (3)

  • Yair Haim


    Because of Jeremy I got Profoto D1 and I love them!!!


  • alex


    What about a light stand? How do you hold the head in place on-location?


    • bisakhadasi


      Perhaps an available human light stand?


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