Mark Wallace’s White Paper Tricks

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Shooting on a white background? You have more options than you might think to create a creatively-lit image. Mark Wallace shares some of his techniques and tips for working with white backgrounds, walking you through a film noir-style shoot.

Using a couple of D1 Airs, Mark creates interest in the background by using a 10º degree grid and a handmade gobo to make streaks of light, as if from a window blind. A second light with a magnum reflector lights her hair and is flagged off from the background, to make sure it doesn’t interfere with the effect he create with the gobo. A third light with a 10º grid lights his model’s face. A fourth lights her from the back.

Watch the video to see the results and to learn how it’s done. See more of Mark Wallace on AdoramaTV and check out his new series Mark Wallace: Live.


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