VIDEO: Sasha Leahovcenco Shoots with Profoto for Vater Percussion

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The boys at Fstoppers have posted a story about this little gem.

At an abandoned sugar mill in Sacramento, California, Sasha Leahovcenco works with accomplished drummer Mike Johnston to shoot an ad for Vater Percussion. Making the most of the unusual location, Sasha creates two set-ups, one using natural light and another using Profoto Acute2’s and a BatPac.

For the Profoto setup, Sasha uses a beauty dish and a grid as the main light and a 5’ Octa as fill. Several other softboxes are placed in the background to act as rim lights. Sasha leans precariously over a 20-foot hole in the ground to get the shot. The result is worth it.

Watch the video above to get a behind the scenes look at the shoot and see more of Sasha’s work his site.

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