VIDEO: Sébastien Devaud: Out of Tunes

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Videos are quite common here on the Profoto blog. But usually they are, with very few exceptions, behind-the-scenes videos, showing how a still photograph was created. Today however, we proudly present one such exception: Sébastien Devaud’s short film Out of Tunes.

Out of Tunes was commissioned by Canon for the launch of its new EOS C300 camera. Canon’s only criterion was that the video must not be tied to a certain time or place. Other than that, Sébastian was free to let his creativity run loose.

“I spent two nights writing Out of Tunes,” says Sébastien. “My first wish was to appeal to the imagination of the viewers by creating something of a modern fairy tale. I also kept in mind that Canon wanted a universal film that could be used for several years. That’s why I chose a sound and radio theme. But in terms of the actual story, several interpretations are possible. My ambition is to encourage spectators to see the video more than once and still be able to discover new details every time.”

Did you have any specific ideas about what kind of visual look you wanted for the video?

“Yes, I wanted to work in low light with strong counters because it would be a great way of demonstrating the ultrasensitivity of the C300.”

To create the light he had envisioned, Sébastien used two ProDaylight 800 Air units and one Cine Reflector.

“Since the release of the Canon 5DMKII, I strongly believe in the convergence and fusion of photography and video,” says Sébastien. “At the hardware level, I’m attracted by how established flash manufacturers are now incorporating continuous lights in their assortment. I always envied all the accessories still photographers had at their disposal to create the best light possible. Thanks to the introduction of ProDaylight, I can now use them too.”

Since the completion of Out of Tunes, Sébastien has been busy filming an anniversary video for the French TV channel M6. It is available here if you want to take a look. He is currently working on a commercial for road safety, and, as it happens, his new website. Good luck with everything, Sébastien!

Written by Fredrik Franzén


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