VIDEO: Tim Björn’s Wireless Truck Shoot

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Danish photographer Tim Björn was recently asked to shoot an advert for Volvo Trucks in Malmö, Sweden. While doing so, Tim and his crew somehow managed to also shoot a behind-the-scenes video.

©Tim Björn

As you will see in the video, Tim’s main concern was to find the right angle of the truck. Once that was done, Tim locked down the camera and keept it in one place throughout the shoot. However, the final image of the truck consists of about 30 different images – each one with the lighting in a different position.

“We start from the back and then we go around the side,” says Tim. “Then we end at front and then I have to put light underneath the wheels. I’m actually painting light on specific details on the truck. For instance, the paint job or details on the chrome, the wheels or the front of the truck.”

Tim’s tools of choice was the Phase One IQ180 and the Profoto Pro-8 generator, equipped with a Softlight Reflector. He also utilized the The Pro-8’s built-in Profoto Air System, together with the Profoto Studio plug-in for Capture One. This allowed him to take full control of his lights from within the Capture One Pro software.

See more of Tim’s images at his website.

If you want to know more about the Profoto Air System, click here.

Written by Fredrik Franzén


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