All about cookies

Cookies on the Profoto websites are used to improve the usability on our websites and make your experience more enjoyable.

By continued use of this site you are understood to have consented to the use and storage of cookies to enhance your user experience. If you do not consent, do not use this site.

Since July 1, 2011 the European Union changed the rules and regulations for usage of cookies on websites. Cookies or other similar technical solutions that either store or retrieve information about you as a user, may now only be used with your consent. Consent can be given in several different ways, for example, through the functionality of your browser.

A cookie is a small file that websites store on your computer so the website is able to recognize you, the next time you visit the site. The cookie file is passive and is therefore unable to spread any malicious code or virus.

In the settings panel on your webbrowser, you can set which cookies you want to allow, block or be erased. You can of course at any time stop using the site or remove the cookies on your own initiative.

You decide yourself if you want to accept cookies or remove them.
You also have the possibility to allow cookies for specific websites pages. All these settings can be found in your browser.

Please note that, this is not a way to avoid commercial ads or banners. However if such content is given, it might be less relevant for you since the cookies are no longer active.

In the same way, some important information on the Profoto website might not longer be visible, if cookies are switched off.
Any selection you make in your browser regarding cookies, pertains only to that particular browser and you have to set cookies individually in each browser that you use. If different users have access to the same computer, each user can set their individual setting for their respective browser.

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