Spot Small

Create theatrical lighting effects. Project shapes and patterns.

The Spot Small is an easy-to-use projection spot that can be used to for creating theatrical lighting effects or for projecting shapes and patterns on a background. Optimized for D1 monolights, but works with any Profoto flash head, without requiring an adapter. Accepts M sized (66 mm/2.6”) gobos.

Product number

  • 100790
  • Important Notice

  • Do not touch hot parts with bare fingers!
  • Modeling lamps, flash tubes and certain metal parts emit strong heat when used!
  • Do not obstruct ventilation.
  • Use maximum 500 W modeling lamp, if using non-fan cooled head do not exceed 15 W.
  • Maximum continuous load 4x2400 Ws per minute (8x1200 Ws or 16x600 Ws etc). or 10x1000 Ws per minute (20x500 Ws or 40x250 Ws etc).