• Profoto OCF Off-Camera Flash System
Profoto AirTTL - Joe McNally Explains TTL and High speed Sync

Air Remote TTL-C

Wirelessly integrates your Off-Camera Flash with your Canon camera.

Attach this small unit to your Canon camera’s hot shoe to wirelessly integrate your Profoto Off-Camera Flash with your camera.

In TTL Mode, you just point and shoot, and the Air Remote TTL-C will communicate with the flash to automatically give you a perfect exposure. It is as easy as it sounds.

For more precise control, switch to Hybrid Mode. This allows you to first shoot with TTL to get a technically perfect exposure, and then switch to Manual Mode with the same readings and settings and do whatever creative adjustments you feel like doing. It is a huge time saver. Plus you can leave that light meter at home!

Comes with patent-pending Profoto High-speed Sync technology – faster, more powerful and more consistent than any other HSS solution on the market.

Download Camera Compatibility AirTTL

  • Attaches to your Canon camera’s hot shoe and wirelessly merges camera and off-camera flash into one.
  • Shoot in TTL Mode for fully automatic point-and-shoot shots.
  • Hybrid Mode allows you to switch from TTL Mode to Manual Mode with the automated TTL settings intact. A huge time saver!
  • Can also be used for syncing and manually controlling any Profoto unit that is compatible with Air.

  • Patent-pending Profoto HSS is fast enough to keep up with your camera, 10 times as powerful as your average speedlight, and extremely consistent.

  • Unbeaten operating range of up to 300 m (1,000 ft) and open frequency band (2.4 GHz).
  • Approved for worldwide use.
  • USB port for firmware upgrades.

Product Number

  • Will definitely fulfill the needs of every photographer on the move.

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Technical Specification

General Specifications

  • Frequency Band: 2.4 GHz
  • No of frequency channels: 8
  • No of remote / TTL control groups per channel: 3 (A-C)
  • Operation modes: TTL & Manual
  • TTL compatibility: Canon E-TTL II
  • HSS Compatibility: Yes
  • Wireless range: Normal sync up to 300 m (1000 ft), Remote control and TTL sync up to 100m (330ft).
  • Battery type: 2 x AAA (Alkaline)
  • Typical Battery lifetime. Transmit mode Fast/Normal: 30 hours
  • Antenna type: Integrated
  • Auto power off: Yes, 30 min of inactivity.

Mount & Connections

  • Camera mount/Sync in: Canon hot shoe only
  • FW upgrade: USB Mini

Supported Air Functionality

  • Sync / Trigger: Yes, triggers Air Remote &, Air Sync transceivers plus all Profoto flashes with AirS, Air or AirTTL support.
  • TTL control: Yes, TTL group control for all Profoto flashes with AirTTL support.
  • Remote control: Yes, remote/group control for all Profoto flashes with Air or AirTTL support.


  • Dimensions: Width 6cm (2.3"), height 7.5cm (2.9"), depth 3.5cm (1.4")
  • Weight: 75g (2.6oz) (Including batteries)