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Iain Crawford on the Pro-10

Having the confidence to know you can freeze anything pin sharp at the power you want opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities.

Iain Crawford, photographer, on the Pro-10
Andreas Lundberg on the D2

The Profoto D2s give me the speed I need. They never disappoint.

Andreas Lundberg, photograhper, on the D2
Richard Walch on the B1

Once you try it, it changes everything.

Richard Walch, photographer, on the B1
Cliff Mautner on the B1

The B1’s are the perfect fit for my needs when a speedlight won't suffice.

Cliff Mautner, photographer, on the B1
Jeremy Cowart on the B1

The Profoto B1 is truly a game-changer.

Jeremy Cowart, photographer, on the B1
Dixie Dixon on the B1

The Profoto B1 allows me to shape that light quickly and effectively.

Dixie Dixon, photographer, on the B1
Yervant on the B2

For me, it feel like the beginning of something new.

Yervant, photographer, on the B2
Finn Beales on the B2

If you’re looking to invest in one photography lighting kit, this is the perfect solution.

Finn Beales, photographer, on the B2
Tamara Lacky on the B2

Using the B2's is just a downright fun experience.

Tamara Lackey, photographer, on the B2
Ben & Erin Chrisman on the B2

The new Profoto B2 has given us exactly what we've been looking for.

Ben & Erin Chrisman, photographers, on the B2
Sandra Åberg on OCF Light Shaping Tools

I just love when my life gets easier.

Sandra Åberg, photographer, on the OCF Beaty Dishes
Frederico Martins on OCF Light Shaping Tools

The OCF Gels save me time so I can be more creative and take better images.

Frederico Martins, photographer, on the OCF Gels
Joe McNally on Profoto

As a system, Profoto offers limitless possibilities.

Joe McNally, photographer
TIPA 2015

Best Professional Lighting System 2015

TIPA 2015, on the B2

I’d call it a wedding photographer’s dream!

Steve Bedell, Shutterbug, on the B2
Focus Numerique

Will definitely fulfill the needs of every photographer on the move.

Paul Nicoué, Focus Numerique, on the B1
Reponses Photo

Using TTL to control and balance the light is extremely efficient.

Renaud Marot, Réponses Photo, on the B2
Réponses Photo Logo

La gestion TTL de l’équilibrage éclair/ambiance s’avère d’une redoutable efficacité

Renaud Marot, Réponses Photo, on the B2
Photography News UK

A solid, beautifully engineered piece of kit.

Will Cheung, Photography News, on the B2
Photo Professional

An impressive addition to Profoto’s equipment portfolio.

Andy Kruczek, Photo Professional Magazine, on the B2

Profoto is light years ahead of the competition when it comes to building products that look as great as they operate.

Greg Scoblete, Rangefinder, on the B2
Kamera & Bild

Nothing beats the B2 when it comes to the combination of power, versatility and ease-of-use.

Bengt Luthman, Kamera & Bild, on the B2
The Phoblographer

An excellent option for photographers who want something between a monolight and speedlights.

Chris Gampat, Phoblographer, on the B2
DC Watch Logo

Probably the ideal equipment for photographers traveling by train or plane.

DC Watch, on the B2
Svenska Fotografers Förbund

Profoto really succeeds in keeping the color temperature stable throughout the entire power range.

Stefan Ohlsson, Svenska Fotografers Förbund, on the B2
Resource Magazine Online

It is the event and wedding photographer’s dream light.

Jaron Schneider, Resource Magazine Online, on the B2
SLR Lounge

It has impressed us more than we could have imagined.

Pye Jirsa, SLR Lounge, on the B2
Visual Adventures

This is exciting news for Nikon shooters.

Mike Hagen, Visual Adventures, on the B1
BJP Online - British Journal of Photography

A Compelling Package

Martin Evening, British Journal of Photography, on the B1

These lights should be high on your shopping list.

Steve Bedell, Shutterbug, on the B1

Don’t do anything until you’ve had a good look at the B1.

Paul Burrows, Pro Photo, on the B1
Master Photography

A little bit of light & magic.

Richard Bradbury, Master Photography, on the B1

Buy it once, it will last a lifetime.

Steve Bedell, Shutterbug, on the RFi Softboxes
Professional Photographer

So, how does all of this work in the field? Superbly!

Ellis Vener, Professional Photographer, on the B1
Photography Life

If you are looking for a more complete setup, Profoto is the way to go.

Nasim Mansurov, Photography Life, on the RFi Softboxes
Photography Life

Without a doubt, the Profoto B1 is an amazing strobe.

Nasim Mansurov, Photography Life, on the B1
Photography News UK

Using the B1 has been a great experience. Whether shooting TTL or manual, set-up and fine-tuning the lighting were really easy.

Will Cheung, Photography News, on the B1
Turning Pro

It’s up there with the Hasselblads and Leicas of this world and as a working pro, you can’t put a price on that.

Craig Fleming, Turning Pro, on the B1
Photo Professional

I hate the phrase ‘game changer’, but never was it more appropriate.

Andy Kruczek, Photo Professional Magazine, on the B1
Reponses Photo

It's a versatile tool that will adapt to many types of shooting both outdoors and in the studio.

Renaud Marot, Réponses Photo, on the B1
American Photo

Profoto's wireless strobe system with swappable batteries is a winner.

Stan Horaczek, American Photo, on the B1

There is no better light on the market today.

Zach Sutton, Fstoppers, on the B1
Kamera & Bild

Profoto B1 is a nice addition to the usually manual and corded world of studio flash photography.

Bengt Luthman, Kamera & Bild, on the B1
SLR Lounge

All in all, we give the Profoto RFi Speedring and Softbox system a total of 5 out of 5 stars.

Pye Jirsa, SLR Lounge, on the RFi Softboxes
The Phoblographer

What more could a photographer ask for than TTL communication between your camera and your monolight?

Chris Gampat, The Phoblographer, on the B1

I really just want to give the design team a big high-five.

David Bickley, Fstoppers, on the Collapsible Reflectors

I can't recommend the RFi gear enough.

Mike Hagen, Nikonians, on the RFi Softboxes

In addition to being beautifully designed and constructed, it just looks plain cool!

Steve Bedell, Shutterbug, on the D1

This is the best monobloc I've personally ever used.

Lee Morris, Fstoppers, on the D1
Outdoor Photo Magazine

If you are planning to buy lights for long and hard use, I can happily recommend them.

Sean Nel, Outdoor Photo, on the D1
The Phoblographer

Ultimately the Profoto D1 Studio Kit 500/500 Air is a really great kit.

Sander Martijn, The Phoblographer, on the D1