Photo: Pye Jirsa, Chris and Justin Lin

Ordinary to extraordinary
with Lin & Jirsa

Episode 6: Learn two different lighting techniques using the OCF Gels

In the latest episode of our video series From Ordinary to Extraordinary, Lin & Jirsa explain how to use OCF Gels on two completely different shoots. On the first shoot, photographers Lin & Jirsa show us how to use color correction gels to match the indoors temperature of a typical wedding ball room. For the second shoot they get creative with gels, and show how to generate two lights with only one B2 Off-Camera Flash.

Note that this is the sixth episode in the series. Scroll through the previous episodes by clicking the small circles above . There is one on how to shoot James Dean inspired sun-kissed portraits, one on how to use flash to recreate the golden hour, and one on how to create dramatic portraits with just one flash, to name just a few examples.

The photographers

Lin & Jirsa Photography consists of a team of more than 20 creatives, shooting over 300 weddings each year and counting to nearly 1,000 total yearly client commissions. Lin & Jirsa also founded renowned photography site SLR Lounge, which has nearly a million readers every month. To learn more about Lin and Jirsa, visit:

Pye Jirsa

Pye Jirsa is one of the founders of Lin & Jirsa Photography, LJP Studios and also the Editor in chief of SLR Lounge. Except from shooting lots of wedding and engagements himself he is also well-known in the industry for his deep knowledge in lighting and for sharing tips and tricks in lighting tutorials on SLR lounge.

Justin Lin

Besides being the master and the “Lin” of Lin and Jirsa Photography, Justin is also one of the co-founders of SLR Lounge and LJP Studios. He photographs almost 50 weddings and engagements a year which makes him one of the most experienced photographers in the industry.

Christopher Lin

Christopher Lin also makes up the “Lin” of Lin & Jirsa Photograpy, moreover he is also one of the co-founders of SLR Lounge and LJP Studios. Today he is a renowned photographer based in Southern California but he travels the world taking on photographic assignments.

The Profoto B1 and B2

LIn & Jirsa shoot with Profoto's Off-camera flashes; the powerful and cordless B1 and the portable B2 that can be used both on and off-camera. Both flashes do TTL and High Speed Sync and are designed for photographers who want to capture real moments out in the real world but with full control and in perfect light.

The B1 and B2 are offered in two portable kits: the To-Go Kits with one flash head and the Location Kits with two heads.

Photos by: Lin & Jirsa