Photo: Michelle Turner

Michelle Turner


The Philharmonie, Luxembourg


An Entire Lighting Solution
in a Single Bag


Michelle Turner is a photographer on the move, splitting her time between Maine, Pennsylvania and wherever else her assignments take her to. Michelle admits she was unsure how she would like her new B2 Off-Camera Flash, because she really loves her trusted B1 Off-Camera Flash. Uncertainly changed to excitement, though, as soon as she realized how light and compact the new flash was.

“For traveling photographers such as myself, the Off-Camera Flash system is a real game changer,” says Michelle. “For the first time I am able to pack an entire lighting solution, including stands, into a single carry-on bag. I can now take my lights places I never would have considered before.”

Michelle’s first assignment with her new solution was a portrait assignment at the Philharmonie, a majestic concert venue in Luxembourg, readily identifiable by the tall ribbon-like pillars that make up its facade.

The size factor of the Profoto Off-Camera Flash system was not only a great help when traveling. It proved equally advantageous on location at the Philharmonie. The space between the pillars was extremely tight, yet Michelle was able to easily maneuver her lights through the tightest of spaces. “I was able to set up quickly and move around easily because of the smaller footprints of the B2 Heads and the compact OCF Light Shaping Tools,” says Michelle. “This made my life so much easier.”

Michelle captured the portrait illustrated here with a Nikon D750 and a Nikon AF 35mm/f2.0D lens. To light her subject she used a B2 with an OCF Softbox 2′ Octa mounted via an OCF Speedring. Her final exposure was 1/125th-second at f/5.6, with the ISO sensitivity set to 200.

As a shooter who frequently travels solo, Michelle can’t emphasize enough the value of a lighting system this portable. As she herself put it, she can now go to “places I never would have considered before.”