We are not afraid to say we make great tools.
But do not take our word for it.

The OCF Gels save me time so I can be more creative and take better images
Frederico Martins
I just love when my life gets easier
Sandra Åberg on working with the OCF Beauty Dishes
If you’re looking to invest in one photography lighting kit, this is the perfect solution
Finn Beales on the B2
Best Professional Lighting System 2015
The Technical Image Press Association (TIPA), on the B2
The Profoto B1 is truly a game-changer
Jeremy Cowart
Using the B2's is just a downright fun experience
Tamara Lackey
As a system, Profoto offers limitless possibilities
Joe McNally
Best Professional Lighting System 2014
The Technical Image Press Association (TIPA), on the B1
For me, it feel like the beginning of
something new
Once you try it, it changes everything
Richard Walch
The new Profoto B2 has given us exactly what we've been looking for
Ben & Erin Chrisman
The B1’s are the prefect fit for my needs when a speedlight won't suffice
Cliff Mautner
The Profoto B1 allows me to shape that light quickly and effectively
Dixie Dixon