With TTL
Without cords

The Profoto B1

Since its release in 2013, the B1 has taken the photographic community by storm.

The most attention-grabbing feature has always been the B1’s completely cordless TTL operation, reinforcing the fact that the B1 is not a studio flash. It is an off-camera flash designed for on-location photography.
In addition to being portable and easy to use, the B1 is a professional flash in every sense of the word.

Fast enough to keep up with your camera and 10 times as powerful as the average speedlight, the B1 makes great light easy.
Product number:
901094 B1 To-Go Kit
901092 B1 Location Kit
Max energy:
Energy range:
9 f-stops (2-500Ws)
Recycling time:
0.1-1.9 (Quick burst up to 20 flashes/second)
Max modeling light (W):
20W LED (Output equivalent to 70W Halogen)
Flash duration normal mode (t0.5):
1/11,000 s (2Ws) - 1/1,000 s (500Ws)
Flash duration freeze mode (t0.5):
1/19,000 s (2Ws) - 1/1,000 s (500Ws)
Guide number @ 2m / 100 ISO with Magnum Reflector:
45 2/10
Battery capacity:
Up to 220 full-power flashes
Radio sync and control:
Yes, built in AirTTL supporting wireless sync, control and TTL. (Requires Air Remote TTL. Sold separately.)
14 cm (5.5”)
31 cm (12.2”)
21 cm (8.3”)
3 kg (6.6 lbs) including batteries