Pro-8a 2400 (Discontinued)

The most rented studio generator in the world, and for a good reason.

The Pro-8 is our flagship. Boasting extremely fast recycling, action freezing flash durations with unparalleled reliability and color stability, it will never fail to provide the light that you need. This, in combination with intuitive controls and unrivalled robustness, has made the Pro-8 the demanding photographer’s tool of choice in studios and rental shops worldwide.

  • Equipped to produce very large quantities of images at a very fast pace.
  • Extremely fast recycling allows you to shoot up to 20 images per second.
  • Action freezing flash durations even at full power provide razor sharp exposures with minimal motion blur.
  • Stable light output and color temperature guarantees absolutely consistent results, shot after shot after shot, at all power settings and flash durations.
  • Two individual outputs and a 10 f-stop power range with control in 0.1 f-stop steps provide detailed precision and great versatility.
  • Built like a tank to withstand years of heavy-duty use.
  • Wireless sync and remote control with the Air system.

Product number

  • 901002
  • Technical specification

    General Specifications

    • Energy: 2400Ws
    • Energy Range: 10 f-stops (4,7-2400Ws)
    • Energy Distribution: Socket A 4.7-2400Ws Socket B 4.7-1200Ws
    • Asymmetry Range: max. 9.7 f-stops
    • Recycling Times 120V/60Hz: 0.05-0.9s
    • Recycling Times 230V/50Hz: 0.05-0.9s
    • Flash Durations t0.5: 1/12.000s-1/1600s
    • Modeling Lamps Total W/Pack (max.): 1000W
    • Modeling Lamp Total W/Head (max.): 500W
    • Energy Control Increments: 1/10 and full f-stops
    • Energy/Voltage Stability: +/- 1/50 f-stop
    • Guide Number @ 2 meters/ISO 100 with Magnum Reflector: 128.3
    • Specified Data Conditions: ProHead, 120 or 230V AC
    • Input Power Supply: 100-127V/200-240V, 50/60Hz (nominal)

    Syncronization and Control

    • Sync Socket(s): 2
    • Lamp Head socket(s): 2
    • Wire Sync Voltage: Compliant to ISO 10330 standard
    • Photocell/IR-slave and Switch: Yes
    • USB Interface: Yes, for firmware updates
    • Radio Sync: Yes, Profoto Air (8 channels, 6 groups)
    • Radio Remote: Yes, with optional Profoto Air Remote
    • Radio Range: 300m
    • Computer Control: With Profoto Studio Software (Mac a. PC) via optional Air USB transceiver


    • Digital Display: Yes, f-stops, Ws and Air channels/groups
    • Fan Cooled: Yes, temperature regulated
    • Automatic Multi-Voltage: Yes, 90-130V/180-240V, 50-60Hz incl. model light
    • Ready Signals: Yes, ready lamp, switchable beep sound and/or dimmed model light
    • Auto Dumping: Yes
    • Recharge Speed Control: 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%
    • Fuse Requirement at max. power and speed setting: Slow blow 16A/230V 20A/120V
    • Automatic mains fuse type: C, D, E 16A/230V 20A/120V


    • Dimensions: 37x18.5x25cm 14.5x7.3x9.8inch
    • Weight: 12.2kg 26.9lbs