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Go real pro with our state-of-the-art pack and heads

Ever since the Pro-1 was released in 1968, Pro-studio packs have set the standard for what can be expected of a high-end studio generator, fast becoming the rental industry standard. The Pro System represents our state-of-the-art pack and heads.

The Pro-10 is the latest generation and raises that standard to a whole new level. It’s the perfect fusion of breathtaking speed and impressive power – the speed to exceed. The versatile D4 pack is designed with commercial studios and production deadlines in mind. Its unrivalled consistency in power output and color temperature simply means: more photography and less corrective retouching.

  • The powerful
    Ultra-fast pack
  • The consistent
    Commercial studio pack
  • Profoto Pro-10
    The world’s fastest flash

    Pro-10 isn’t just fast. It’s record-breaking. Our flagship flash can achieve a breathtakingly short flash duration of up to 1/80,000s. But even more impressive, both flash duration and recycling time are extremely short higher up the power scale than any other flash. The combination of power and speed changes everything.

    Recommended for: High volume studio photography
    Popular applications: Fashion, Action, High Speed
    Variants: 2400Ws

  • Profoto D4
    The commercial studio pack

    The D4 is highly versatile and hard working. Built to produce large quantities of high-quality images at an extremely high rate with consistent power output and color temperature. With four outputs, each with independent control, working with the D4 is like working with four separate flash packs – an excellent generator for packshot and product photography.

    Recommended for: High volume studio photography
    Popular applications: Still life
    Variants: 1200Ws, 2400Ws, 4800Ws


Help me choose

Follow our short guide below to find the right pack for your need.


When to use a pack?

Our pack and heads are our top-of-the line products that are ideal for large shoots, both in studio and location. Whether you’re shooting a big commercial assignment or heavy pack-shot session you’ll have all the impressive power, speed and consistency you need. Seriously professional packs and heads, for serious professionals.


Why choose the Pro-10?

Go for the Pro-10 if you look for a pack that gives you maximum power and speed in a perfect marriage. The Pro-10 is a powerful beast that delivers short flash duration of up to 1/80,000s. That means it allows you to freeze almost anything, only your imagination sets the limits.


Why choose the D4?

Go for the D4 if you appreciate working with one pack that can power up to four lights. The D4 is a real commercial workhorse, great for packshots since it has outstanding consistency in power output and color temperature.

Experience Speed to exceed with Iain Crawford

Speed to exceed with Iain Crawford

From this moment forward speed will never be a barrier between you and your creative ambition
Go behind the scenes Inside the making of the image

Inside the making of the image

Get a glimpse into what it takes to create an amazing image
This is the Pro-10 The world's fastest flash

The world's fastest flash

“The Pro-10 is our flagship product; it’s a beast, but a beautiful one”. Let Product Manager Göran Marén introduce the Pro-10.

I would like to shoot images no one has ever imagined before

Makoto Horiuchi, photographer, Shooting Magazine, on the Pro-10
Add ons

Heads and Air Remotes

A true pro needs the very best professional tools to accompany their studio pack. Our range of heads, Air Remotes and light shaping tools equip the very best photographer to deal with anything a high-end shoot can throw at them, to achieve the best most creative results.

Profoto Heads

A fast and powerful pack needs a fast and powerful head to match. In short – ours. You can choose between several types so it’s easy to find a head that suits your needs for any type of shoot. The classic ProHead is the most popular, with a unique zoom function that allows you to shape the light by simply sliding the reflector back and forth on the head.

ProHead Plus

A classic head delivered with a Zoom Reflector

ProTwin Head

Boosts the performance of the Pro-10 and Pro-11
View all Heads

Special Effect Lights

Most of our flash heads are versatile tools for a broad range of applications. But in addition to those, we offer special effect lights, designed for a specific purpose or to create a specific kind of lighting effect.


Creates long and perfectly even highlights


The smallest professional flash spot available
View all Special Effect Lights
Photo: Evan Pantiel

Light Shaping Tools

Shape exceptional light from our pack and heads with our range of light modifiers. Soft light, hard light, flattering light, dramatic light – this is how it’s done.

RFi Softbox Rectangular

A popular, versatile softbox

Zoom Reflector

A classic among our light shaping tools

Softlight Reflector Silver

Our classic beauty dish
View all Light Shaping Tools
Photo: Evan Pantiel

Profoto Air

Profoto Air Remotes allow you to sync and control your flash straight from your camera; providing full control of power, the modeling light and the capability to trigger up to 300 m away. For the Pro-10 there is a TTL version of the remote that enables you to shoot in automatic TTL mode or use HSS to shape light in broad daylight.

Air Remote TTL

Wirelessly connects your AirTTL light with your camera

Air Remote

Syncs and manually controls any Profoto Air light
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