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Product firmware updates

We continuously release product firmware updates to improve functionality and ensure compatibility with the latest camera models. Learn how to access the latest product firmware.

Service and repair

If your product needs servicing, contact the Profoto dealer from whom you purchased the product.

Helpful resources

Profoto Academy

Find answers to your questions about Academy courses and payment or get support with technical problems.

Discontinued products

Cannot find a product on our website? It may have been discontinued.

Warranty terms

All our generators and heads come with a warranty.

Battery travel documents

It's safe to fly with our batteries! Download battery transportation certificates for relevant products.

Declaration of Conformity

All our products are safe and compliant with the applicable EU directives. Download Declaration of Conformity for relevant products.

Product documentation

You can find FAQs, User guides and other product documentation on the relevant product pages, under the "Downloads" tab. See our most popular products below.


Profoto B1X


Profoto B2

Air Remote TTL

Profoto D1

Profoto D2

Profoto Pro-10

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