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The Profoto Camera

We developed the Profoto Camera for ambitious image creators who want to create amazing images irrespective of which type of camera they use. It is a professional smartphone camera for Profoto’s studio lights, which enables you to create professional images with just a simple click.

If you shoot with a DSLR or mirrorless camera, the remote control function lets you view and change any setting on your connected Profoto device with a swipe. And when a new firmware is available, you can easily update your device directly from the app.

  • Compatible with
    Profoto A10
  • Compatible with
    Profoto C1
  • Compatible with
    Profoto C1 Plus
  • Compatible with
    Profoto B10 and B10 Plus
  • Compatible with
    Profoto Connect
  • Profoto A10
    The flash for life

    The A10 is in every inch a Profoto light. Its round head delivers light that’s both natural and beautiful with a soft smooth fall-off. And it’s incredibly easy and to use, with superfast recycling and a long-lasting battery, so you’ll never miss a shot. And with Profoto’s latest Bluetooth enabled technology AirX built in, you can unleash the full power of the A10 when shooting with your smartphone. So regardless of what type of camera you use, you’ll now have access to light shaping excellence anytime, anywhere, always.


  • Profoto C1
    The light that changes everything

    Profoto C1 is a smartphone studio light that creates professional images with just a simple click. Its round design mimics the sun and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, delivering beautiful light on the go. Play around with positioning, angles, color temperature, and power to achieve different effects – you’ll find the C1 offers lots of creative possibilities.


  • Profoto C1 Plus
    The light that changes everything

    Profoto C1 Plus is a smartphone studio light that creates professional images with just a simple click. Its round design mimics the sun and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, delivering beautiful light on the go. Compatible with light shaping tools such as color gels and grids, it gives you limitless creative possibilities.


  • Profoto B10 & B10 Plus
    Big lights in small packages

    Choose the Profoto B10, and you’ll get five times the power of a speedlight, select the B10 Plus, and you’ll get twice that power. Since both are no bigger than a large camera lens, whichever you go for you'll be getting a big light in a small package.


  • Profoto Connect
    The button-free trigger

    Profoto Connect is the button-free trigger that integrates your camera and Profoto light – making light shaping easier than ever before. It only has three settings; auto, manual and off. In auto mode, you just point and shoot for a good exposure, because the flash power is calculated for you. And in manual mode, you can fine-tune the light either manually or via the Profoto app. The Profoto app is available for iPhone and Android smartphones. Please see the full compatibility list under technical specifications. This app is required for full control of the Profoto Connect and for making firmware upgrades.

    Profoto Connect is available for Canon, Sony, Nikon, Fujifilm and Olympus/Panasonic.

Professional camera
Using it with Profoto’s studio lights, the Profoto Camera creates professional images with just a simple click. Point-and-shoot with automatic exposure and flash power based on the surrounding conditions. Go between natural and dramatic images with a swipe of your finger.
Learn more
Watch short smartphone photography tutorials right inside Profoto Camera to learn even more about playing with light. Step into Profoto Academy for popular photography courses. Access your space on MyProfoto to manage your devices and account.
Smart remote control
View and control all flash settings from your smartphone screen even when you shoot with a DSLR or mirrorless camera. Touch, swipe and tweak until you get the light just right. This way, you can adjust the light so it blends perfectly with the ambient light.
Easy updates
The latest updates for your Profoto devices, available at your fingertips. Update quickly from the app and the built-in Bluetooth will run the process for you in an instant, so you are ready to shoot with the latest, improved firmware.

Profoto AirX technology

The Profoto AirX technology enables you to create professional images with full flash tube sync. With the new AirX Smart-TTL, you can simply point-and-shoot with the automatic exposure algorithm. One difference in synchronizing external flash to a mobile device compared to traditional capturing devices like DSLR or MILC is that smartphone cameras require a much more flexible flash-length on different shutter speeds. This makes it more difficult to fire the flash at the exact time and duration to light the image. Up until now, attempts to synchronize the two have fallen short, making Profoto the world’s first company to successfully bring the full power of professional flashes to smartphones with their proprietary Profoto AirX technology.

Profoto Camera app for Android features

Smart mode

Smart mode is automatic exposure mode with a twist. Creative controls enable you to easily control how dramatic the light on your photo is, or what color mood will your photo have.

Pro mode

Use automatic exposure, but lock only ISO or Exposure time. Have full manual control over all features, such as flash power, color temperature, and camera settings.

Advanced features

Ever growing set of features, prioritized based on user feedback. Shoot in RAW format, display grid, shoot in different aspect ratios, use creative photo filters, and more. The only limit is your imagination. 


Operating systems

Supported iPhones

iPhone 7 or later, running on iOS 11 or later.

Supported Android phones

Samsung Galaxy S8 line, S9 line,
S10 line, S20 line, Note 9 line.

Requires Android OS 8 or newer

Supported products

Profoto C1
Profoto C1 Plus
Profoto A10
Profoto B10
Profoto B10 Plus
Profoto Connect