Share your Profoto story for a chance to be featured on our website!

16 April, 2018

Written by: Andres Prieto

Every week starting from June 11th - 2018, we will select 1 story to be featured on our website. Send your stories now !

In order to qualify to be selected, the following format should be followed:

  • Introduction: Tell us who you are and what are you going to talk about (Maximum 70 words)
  • Include which gear did you use and in which location
  • Why you chose to use Profoto
  • For this project - work, which type of lighting did you envision?
  • Final thoughts and a conclusion to wrap it up


  • 1-2 Behind the scenes images
  • 1-2 Hero images
  • If applicable: a video
  • Name and social media channels of the person who took the BTS images
  • Your name, social media channels and website

Use #MyProfotoStory on your social media channels to promote this initiative. Send your story and images to: Images must be High Resolution 300dpi and 1024 x 768p.

Although we appreciate all submissions - just the stories that meet all the requirements and guidelines will be published.

Written by: Andres Prieto