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Dome Diffuser

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Dome Diffuser Brings a softer, crisper light to the A1X or A1

Product number: 101226

The Dome Diffuser gives a softer, less directional light and is often used to spread the light wider in all directions. You can use it to bounce flash off a surface such as a white wall or most commonly, the ceiling. Making for a softer and gentler light that falls off on the person you’re shooting. Used direct, the light is soft and pleasingly crisp, and makes for great people photography.

The Diffuser clicks on and off the A1X or A1 quickly and easily thanks to the smart magnetic mount, and it’s stackable so you can use it in combination with other light shaping tools like a CTO gel, for example. All of which allow you to be more creative with light.


  • Diffuses the light for a soft and crisp light.
  • Easily clicks on and off the A1X or A1's magnetic mount.
  • Can be stacked with other A1X or A1 modifiers.
  • Lightweight and portable.
Technical specifications

Technical specifications


  • Product number


  • Recommended for

    Diffusing light

  • Popular applications



  • Mount type


Use restrictions

  • Compatible with heads



  • Depth

    32 mm (1.3 in)

  • Weight

    20 g (0.04 lbs)

  • Front diameter

    74 mm (2.9 in)

  • Mount diameter

    74 mm (2.9 in)