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Distance, direction, shape – Basic foundations of light

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With David Bicho


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About this course

Perfect for the aspiring photographer, this course will help you to start working with light. David looks at the basic theory and physics of how to control your light, while award-winning portrait photographer Hannah Couzens translates this into something that you can use in everyday practical photography. Together they’ll show you how to create natural beautiful images using the three cornerstones of light: distance, direction and shape. Control brightness and light fall-off with distance – by moving light source closer or further away. Place your light to determine where and how shadows fall on your subject. And create soft or hard light using different light source shapes and sizes.

Lighting skill level: Basic

What you'll learn

Discover how to:

  • Control brightness and light fall-off by changing distance to the light source
  • Place your light to affect where and how shadows fall on your subject
  • Create soft or hard light using different shapes and sizes of light source

What you may need

Essential information

Here are some things that are good to know, as well as useful gear to use for this course. These are simply recommendations, not requirements.

Recommended gear

  • No equipment needed

Useful knowledge

  • Lighting skill level: Basic
    • No or little experience of lighting
    • Want to start exploring simple lighting techniques
  • Camera skill level: Comfortable handling the camera in manual mode


David Vasicek
25 June, 2022

Very good explained!

14 June, 2022

I really liked the demonstrations and explanations.

12 June, 2022

I love how the instructor explains things; Simple and straightforward, plus he has a great personality!

26 May, 2022

I like that there are courses on many levels, from basic to expert.

Henrik Simonsen
10 March, 2022

Really nails the essentials with demos that most viewers can grasp

02 March, 2022

Very well explained on the basics.

03 February, 2022

I loved watching this. It's the basics we need. And animated but not too much. Good job. Thank you

Shiju Varghese
20 January, 2022

need to have some more samaple shots

Mary Kent
02 January, 2022

Useful basic info for lighting.

Vish Kolur
14 February, 2022

This is too basic even for budding photographers

30 November, 2021

Lovely, concise and effective. Thank you.

Julie-Anne Buck
21 August, 2021

A great course, easy to follow, cemented basic principles in a memorable way - loved it, thank you!

05 September, 2021

I am confused...in the example of short lighting with the windows Bicho, I think misspoke, when he said the subjects were looking at the windows, but the example does not convey that.

Gazzotto Raul
23 July, 2021


15 June, 2021

Thanks a good foundation.

Birgit H.
07 May, 2021

I found the simple explanation spot on. Best tutorial out there. Well done!

Maryam Abubakar
12 May, 2021

was nice

15 May, 2021

It was quite short and went through only the basics, but it was also well made.

Sergei V. Korschmin
15 April, 2021

Thank you! This was very good!

01 May, 2021

Motivating style of training, Good mix between theory and practise

Keith Spurlock
07 April, 2021

Very good explanations and demonstrations to understanding the basics.

06 July, 2021

Very basic and very cheesy, mostly a bit of a sales pitch for the rest of the Profoto Academy. Not very inspiring.

Chris Cully
04 April, 2021

Brilliant explanations

19 April, 2021

You should make the other courses downloadable. Can't imagine spending 300,- EUR for a course and have it only online. For that price I want to have it offline on my own computer all the time.

Rodney Turner
26 June, 2021

The FAQ button covers the next button making it difficult to transition to the next session.

The course is easy to follow.

14 March, 2021

The course was very good and really useful.

09 June, 2021

This should have been 5 minutes tops

Dan Donovan
19 March, 2021

I feel it would have been more accurate to have the SIZE of the light as a cornerstone instead of Shape.

15 May, 2021

Very good useful information but I got this course free with the recent purchase of a B1X but I would have been VERY disappointed had I paid the full £149 for such a short course and it makes me wary of actually purchasing any of the other courses advertised if they are also going to be so short.

tammy m
18 April, 2021

The information is important, but not detailed enough. The teacher does not speak clearly enough that for those who are not proficient in English, it would be great if you would add subtitles

27 April, 2021

This is a disappointing offering. I was expecting far more from Profoto insofar as I was curious to gauge the potential value of Profoto Academy courses. This class did nothing to inform my understanding. Profoto would do well to offer for free a segment of one of it's lengthier classes if it hopes to convince me to open my wallet. In the meantime I will continue to learn from pros on Creative Live, You Tube, and to a lesser extent, Master Class.

17 February, 2021

Too short can be deeper

08 March, 2021

I like the way of learning und the art of education but I feel it is very expensive for those short journey... I will do more but it is not possible now , because I is soooo high in price.... thank you so much Gerd B oshof

04 March, 2021

I consider the "Shape" of the light to be more the "size" of the light. I really enjoyed the comparisons of shooting from the position of the models, it was a great way to show the relative size of the light source in comparison to the model.

Ray Miya
02 March, 2021

I like the use of the animation. It made the concepts easier and quicker to understand.

J Stewart
05 February, 2021

Excellent course! Loved the theory and the application of the theory...its magic!! I've watched lots of basic lightning videos, but must say I had some lightbulb moments!!!

Nigel Atkinson
31 January, 2021

great tuition with a fun element 10/10

Alejandro D'Aquino
30 January, 2021

Excellent course, practical, didactic and very easy to understand.

29 January, 2021

all good

25 January, 2021

it's like an amuse bouche

Ryan DAmicone
24 January, 2021

Very well made and easy to understand. Format with quiz is great.

18 January, 2021


Ron Boring
17 January, 2021

Great content. Short and sweet.

17 January, 2021

very good video, i‘ve learned a lot, thanks

16 January, 2021

Was easy to watch and helpful. Thank you

Eric Lennerman
11 January, 2021

Basic but good. Easy to understand for all

Vickie Tuskan
11 January, 2021

I liked the fact the information was presented clearly, short but packed with good refresher information and presented in a fun way

James Osborne
20 January, 2021

Very well done, clearly aimed at beginner photographers but I thought the main ideas were very well thought out. I liked the slightly whimsical presentation as well.

29 January, 2021

great for beginner photographers to understand. I wish I had seen this 10 years ago

Reza Arief
07 January, 2021

Very good information for the beginner photographers who will start to use lighting for their photograph. They will understand to it and will not have any doubt anymore to use the lighting in their work.

Knut Røthe
26 January, 2021

Simple and inspiring!

Marquis Parker
02 January, 2021

Amazing course that breaks down a subject that can be very complicated in a way that is so simple that even the most inexperienced novice can understand it

Bill Byrd
02 January, 2021

Well done! Entertaining, informative, inspiring. And, I learned something.

09 January, 2021

Great program and very useful information!

Laura Jaume
09 January, 2021

Very well explained.
Maybe too short, now I want more!

Kevin McGarry
08 January, 2021

After 33 years of my own freelance practice and teaching photography and art and design to a range of students, YOU have finally put together a great intro course to light and photography. I also love using your lights.

29 December, 2020

Excelent course - many information in a short time movie :D

Ronald Winstone
07 January, 2021

Concise and comprehensive

Jennifer Gyles
26 December, 2020

Loved the way it was taught! Simple is key! Great refresher for me!

04 January, 2021

Simple, to the point (With a smile) and informative. Thought provoking and enough instruction to point newcomers in the right direction.Thanks

Randy King
23 December, 2020

Short, sweet, simple!

Angeline van de Kerkhof
21 December, 2020

The main points of working with light are made clear in a comprehensible way. Fortunately, humor is not lacking ... In a short time I have gained knowledge that I can start with.

Mats Persson
21 December, 2020

This is a good way of getting info about how to think about the light and the set up. But I would like to see more real examples showing the different cornerstones, taken on location.

20 December, 2020

Great course. Lots of information and very easy to understand. Really liked all the lighting examples and how they were portrayed practically

20 December, 2020

No boring and well understandable. Great.

20 December, 2020

Great introduction course, a few basic camera settings would be recommended

Chris K.
19 December, 2020

Awesome! Repeat - Awesome!

Laszlo Illes
19 December, 2020

At the first quiz the question about the background lighting when the light source move closer to the subject was unclear because it was not stated the the light will be measured on the subject... With constant power of light the answer is the opposite because of the distance to the background will also be shorter so the light on the background will be stronger...

Scott Matthews
19 December, 2020

Brilliantly presented. Best I've seen. Every day is certainly a School day!

Laurent Buisson
19 December, 2020

Thank you so much for this very clear course

Chris Crumley
18 December, 2020

Liked the simple format with brief black type on large white. Presenters were excellent. Speed of presentation was spot on.... not too fast.... not too slow.

James M Savas
06 January, 2021

great refresher corase but very basic good for someone just starting out

Avishkar Poddar
25 December, 2020

Its very good to know you can do so much, very less equipment if you know how and where to place the light.

11 December, 2020

Nice clear and straightforward explanation and demonstration; really useful.

Jeffrey Hogan
30 December, 2020

Would be helpful if you could download the course to watch offline.

20 December, 2020

Provided some key points relevant to lighting that I can try immediately

Makala Lee
19 December, 2020

The video was very informative.

Eric G.
19 December, 2020

Excellente introduction, à la fois concise et instructive.

Thomas Ruppel
18 December, 2020

Many thanks for the quick tipps. :-)

Jean-Marc Legentil
07 December, 2020

can we have it on youtube, or how could I go pack to my Prtofoto library. Any memory aids produced by profit?

Jacob Kang
05 December, 2020

Just thank you guys.

22 January, 2021

I got this course for free from a PF tutorial on YT. But I would pay for it. To short and feels like something you should offer for free, the basics. I haven't tried any of your other courses, but I hope they have more to offer.

Jeffrey Hogan
20 December, 2020


Otakar Sroubek
19 December, 2020

Good review of the subject!

29 December, 2020

The videos are nicely made and very good quality. The humor makes it extra fun to watch them. The topics covered however, are quite simple and hopefully most Profoto customers are far more knowledgeable than this. The quality of the videos does make me curious to the other academies available, but I would personally not spend money on this course. It was fun to watch for free though.

Romain Mallet
18 December, 2020

This is a basic course, but basics is what you need most of the time. Evetything is clear, user-friendly and pedagogic! Good job.

17 December, 2020

Flashing at the end of the course might cause seizures you should warn the viewers, otherwise well done!

27 November, 2020


26 December, 2020

Short and to the point

Julian Haber
26 November, 2020

Love the tongue and cheek approach with simple lessons and clear instructions

John Karch
26 November, 2020

Simple explanations to some lighting challanges.

25 November, 2020

I want more

byeon seong-jin
25 November, 2020

It was very informative

24 November, 2020

all about perfect

DongYoo Kim
24 November, 2020


24 November, 2020

Thank you for keeping them in mine

11 January, 2021

needed to be longer. It was very basic

20 December, 2020

Refreshing, well formatted with pictures en live show

Alain Lafleche
18 November, 2020

These videos are easy to understand for a beginner like me. Now i have to practice these techniques ;-)

26 December, 2020

It's a little thin.

02 December, 2020

상세하게 설명을 해주니 듣기에 편하고 좋음 다만 너무 상세하다보니 내용이 조금 적은건가? 싶은 생각도 들긴 함.

Mario Poirier
18 November, 2020

Very informative

18 December, 2020

The question about moving the light farther away giving a brighter background is a tricky one, if you don't refer to the assumption that you would light the subject to the same level. If one was in manual, and moved the light farther away from a background, both subject and background would be darker.

25 November, 2020

good to learn basic technics

Sung-Jun Yoon
25 November, 2020

There is not.

05 November, 2020

Thank you! This has been very helpful! Looking forward to future episodes! ; - )

20 December, 2020

Imho should be one film instead of all these bits ...

28 November, 2020

I think there should be a real life example that is not a plastic model and not in a very controlled environment.

Falilò Flavio
08 November, 2020

Very interesting

P. B.
28 October, 2020

I think the course was simple, direct and easy to understand. Perfect to learn new things or review the basics.

23 October, 2020

20 November, 2020

More exemples would have been appreciated for each sections

19 December, 2020

the info is good, very compact, price not justified, this should be a teaser for an more advanced course and not a stand alone one :)) My opinion ;)

10 October, 2020

Clear and concise!

28 November, 2020

내 ㅠㅁ냧

P. Palmieri
06 October, 2020

great course, great explanation.

24 October, 2020

clear, but short

04 October, 2020

Too good and effective process to learn. thanks.

Joerg C Jasper
12 October, 2020

Short, precise and to the point! Good introduction to lightning!

Alexander Bischof
28 September, 2020

Love the course because it is focused on the essential things you need to understand lighting and to develop yourself.

August Miller
25 September, 2020

This is an excellent short course to explain the basics of lighting. I will be sharing this with my staff next week during our weekly training session

Paul broadrick
19 December, 2020

very very basic

Edu Hawkins
19 September, 2020

excellent and simple

18 September, 2020

David and Hannah are phenomenal teachers, the humor, graphics and everything make this not just a well produced but engaging piece of content!

26 September, 2020

Very good but too short!

Gus Marion
23 September, 2020

Very useful for beginners

31 August, 2020

Focused and practical, quality instruction...great work.

26 November, 2020

Very little content for $25

25 November, 2020

very easy

Hayden Kho, jr
16 August, 2020

Short and simple but very, very useful. Saves me a lot of time so I can go and already shoot! Thank you, Profoto!

David Turner
14 August, 2020

This was an entertaining, and yet, very informative class. Great instruction.

25 July, 2020


Ana Montgomery
16 July, 2020

I appreciated the detailed demonstration of each lighting technique.

kimberley Jacques
15 July, 2020

Everything was broken down so I can understand effectively.

Sonakshi Sharma
14 July, 2020

It was really helpful, learned new things about lights which I didn't knew earlier.

Dionne R.
14 July, 2020

Amazing course and really easy to follow for someone like me with a short attention span.

13 July, 2020

Puts things in simple terms to understand. Love.

Baber Raja
20 July, 2020

Congratulations on bringing an exciting course to you customers.

08 July, 2020

Thanks a lot

Seung Peo Hahn
06 July, 2020

need to explain more direction of light

25 June, 2020

Great course! Really love the simplified information and engaging delivery.

Mfundo Mbanze
19 June, 2020

The course is a good course, i would however only recommend it to someone who is new to photography.

Nakia Batts
14 July, 2020

I really enjoyed this - informative & simple

Gregory Morton
31 May, 2020

Very informative Professional and Fun!

David Joseph Portraits
10 June, 2020

The video was very good, it was designed I believe to be a simplified concept for those basic principles of lighting. So a beginning student can grasp the concept and a more advanced student will not loose interest in the concept. I found this video an excellent example and I am now more interested in viewing more video’s in this style of lighting education. Thankful for your efforts!
David Joseph Portraits

Les J.
21 May, 2020

I like the mix of theory and practical in brief chunks. Simple and allows me to make notes to explore further topics (Butterfly Lighting as example). I think the minimalist studio approach and look also enhances the clean and foundational nature of the instruction.

Carlos Vicent
17 May, 2020

I’m leaning and this is the perfect way to do it

Jack Cutler
16 May, 2020

Down to earth approach to solid basics of lighting.

Desiree Benko
14 May, 2020

Thank you for offering this course! It was short, to the point, and very informative.

Elena DeChellis
14 May, 2020

Amazing! Short and to the point! Learned so much in 5 min! Thank you

13 May, 2020

great explanation of lighting. you got to the examples without all the fluff in the middle.

01 June, 2020

Beautifully shot and produced. I actually would prefer if the lesson went even further into the technical / scientific aspects of light and lighting. Loved it nonetheless!

12 May, 2020

Loved it

Albert Rivera Lozoya
10 May, 2020

Amazing class. I wished it was a big longer

Martin Ruiz
09 May, 2020

Easy to understand

09 May, 2020

love the ease of teaching method you provided

Frank Salvino
06 May, 2020

The course was informative, but yet very easy to understand and follow.

Ezra Arguello
05 May, 2020

This course is was a very easy and understandable I relly enjoyed it.

05 May, 2020

The best practical course I've ever met on Internet

04 May, 2020

best way to learn lighting

03 May, 2020

Great short and very easy to understand video.

13 May, 2020

Would love to see how the lighting applies with bigger subjects as examples as well, maybe a full body and how the power of the light affects the subject (small flash vs larger lights)

Walter Rowe
02 May, 2020

Excellent. Easy to comprehend. Well illustrated.

Chaitnaya Kamboj
02 May, 2020


Sharon Giles
30 April, 2020

Wow! Brilliant information in just a few minutes.

Marco Castro
27 April, 2020

Excellent, start with the basic is very important. Easy explanations, both presenters are very good!

Leah Southwick
27 April, 2020

This was the enlightening class on light that I have ever seen. The video and examples were so well done and I am excited to use these concepts in my photography!

07 May, 2020

More options with using the same principles outdoor

Mac J.
25 April, 2020

Fabulous class. I loved the graphics, how simple and easy to understand it was. Great job!

Fernando Venegas
23 April, 2020

The class was great. It kept me interested the whole time.

Gabriel Vasquez
23 April, 2020

Very well done and to the point with excellent examples.

Robert Berg
22 April, 2020

You covered the basics which what most photographers need.

Nina - NIBA Studios
02 May, 2020

bite size videos with great editing

François Durand from Montreal
22 April, 2020

Hard and soft light with the penumbra is clear now. Having a background more or less bright, clear also. Thank you ! Super video !

Kevin Parks
22 April, 2020

Its simplicity flattened the learning curve greatly. Thank you Profoto. Now I can use my B1 even more.

Dass Alamillo
22 April, 2020

Course is great explaining the basics, would’ve be great to send sample photos and receive feedback.

22 April, 2020

In this short session I learned several things/techniques that I wasn't aware of for many past years of shooting. Well done.

Scott Kriner
22 April, 2020

I am an photography educator at a career and tech school and I am alway looking for better ways to present information to my students.

Jon Muzzarelli
22 April, 2020

Great course

Rick Dawson
22 April, 2020

Grear examples to follow

11 May, 2020

well explained in an easy to understand manner

Christopher Ryan
20 April, 2020

This was a great course for understanding lighting. I loved it!

Jackson Apure
19 April, 2020

Thank you. Keep up the good work!

15 April, 2020

Very easily described how to use the light. Thats nice! By knowing these basics you can really control the light in your pictures. Thanks.

Cristelle Nicole Simony
15 April, 2020

Dear Profoto, Hello. I learned a lot about light after participating in this class. Thank you. Sincerely, Cristelle Nicole

Erling Fløistad
14 April, 2020

Nice sence of humor, and very clear examples, thank you.

Pete Stott
24 April, 2020

I like the "realness" of the people presenting the course. Helps to stay interested.

Pino Materna
13 April, 2020

sehr anschaulich dargestellt, einfach zu verstehen

12 April, 2020

Outstanding Clean format, super concise explanations, great visuals and very easy to understand and remember. You guys are great. Where can I follow you on Instagram, 500px or facebook? Thank you very much for the help.

Christian Benoit
12 April, 2020

Very simple to understand and to the point

PJ Sawyer
12 April, 2020

simple and to the point

Jimmy Ramlochan
11 April, 2020

for me it was stuff that I already know but it was also fun to reexamine this process with such pros at the relm

Karla Hernández
10 April, 2020

This is just amazing, I'm speechless,

Catherine J. Alston
10 April, 2020

Great instruction. Easy to retain

10 April, 2020

Fantastic course! Thanks! Now... I need to practice and being isolated it's not that easy to get a model. Where can I get a head to put on a stand like the one you're using in the course?

Chris H.
10 April, 2020

Loved how short and to the point this lesson was. No gimmicks, no long winded speeches. Just the 3 things you need to focus on, how to do it and we're done. It was very simple and very helpful.

John Jaramillo
10 April, 2020

Thankn you for providing this knowledge.

10 April, 2020

Found the material covered quite basic

Kendra Moras
09 April, 2020

Thank you for offering this course. Loved it. The way the information was presented was easy to grasp, concisely communicated, and the visual demonstrations were fantastic.

Sarah Crombie - Remember When Photography
09 April, 2020

Loved how this was all explained, very easy to understand and retain the information. I look forward to playing around with the different cornerstones :) x

08 April, 2020

This was a quick and simple way on explaining lighting not to technical just straight to the point. Looking forward to trying these techniques.

Claus von Ronnex Printz
07 April, 2020

Excellent presentation, above average communication, superb content. Thank you!

06 April, 2020

Thank you very much. I learned a lot.

Andrés Arconada
04 April, 2020

Estupendo, genial explicación. Profoto connect with me.

02 April, 2020


Irina Bourova
02 April, 2020

So good!

22 April, 2020

A veru good introduction to the science and also practical tips

10 April, 2020

I am bot professional but love photography. Today I learned basics of lighting in an easy, simple way! Thanks

Francine Kaye Acelar
09 April, 2020

This is really helpful. It gets to what you need to know and removes the bells and whistles that are unnecessary. David and Hannah and Anders and Kenare fun too!

09 April, 2020

Love the science-backed knowledge. Really interesting

Andrew Chang
18 April, 2020

well done.

28 March, 2020

Great in detail, with specific not too rushed information.

26 March, 2020

Wonderful courses. Thank you.

Keno locher
26 March, 2020

this is a great tutorial

15 April, 2020

Great information and thank you for doing it for free. I know it only scratches the surface but these little tips are helpful for people like me who cant afford to sign up for an official course yet.

24 March, 2020

Great Course

Van Cooper
23 March, 2020

Straight talk..no attitude...and fun!

10 April, 2020

Thank you! I'm just a beginner and these infos were still easy to understand for me. I now am very motivated trying this out and practice to using the lighting more conscoiusly.

10 April, 2020

some times to funny. for me its oke.
but the story you is perfect for basic and more

Thyago Rodrigues
10 April, 2020

Muito bem explicado!

30 April, 2020

I wish their was more examples of direction and even distance in outdoor settings with the sun!

Dorian Cromwell
20 March, 2020

This tutorial is the absolute best that I have ever seen in my many years of shooting. Very well put together and easy to understand. It provides a simple explanation of the science behind it all! Thank you very much!

Dorian Cromwell

Bassey Edoho
16 March, 2020

Great and extremely simplified. Loved it

John Wyatt
15 March, 2020

Very entertaining way of getting the various parts of the short course over, excellent, thank you.

23 April, 2020

I think the course was very good, I learned things but, my over thoughts about your classes are this... I can get a lot more hours of learning elsewhere like creative live for the dollar. Your value proposition is not as solid as theirs. I also think that when someone like me has spent $8000 in Profoto gear in the past year, that you should give us the training for free. I understand charging random people off the street but your customers have already earned it, you should not charge us.

Nicolas Meunier
12 March, 2020

PERFECT! The wording is simple and scientifically correct, that's something new in photo learning.

Fernando Acevedo
11 March, 2020

it was good information and easy to understand... the examples and props really made a huge difference in understanding what they where talking about!!!

Hongxiang Hu
11 March, 2020

Hope the course could be longer

30 April, 2020

Nice, but very very basic! Where is part two?!

20 April, 2020

it was good but short.

Diogo Ferreira
21 March, 2020

Add Summary of the information

Omega Nanayakkara
10 March, 2020

simple yet excellent course teaching the basics of lighting. Wish there was a specialised house fro food photographers

George Simian
29 March, 2020

There's no connection between the theory and the reality of light in nature - that should be the guide to all artificial lighting

06 March, 2020

it was just awesome

Monuj Sarmah
06 March, 2020

It was an awesome little course on understanding light,keeping things so simple that anyone can understand easily.

Sravan Motapothu
06 March, 2020

Explaining the basics of lighting in this short time is amazing this tutorial kickstarted my light shaping journey I would love to join the profoto academy asap

05 March, 2020

Concise, clean simple graphics, humor, very informative... excellent! (how do I order a Ken head?)

Juliana Patrick
04 March, 2020

I have been a professional photographer for years and this was the most simple and comprehensive and easy to understand training I have ever seen in terms of lighting.

Pranav Balakrishnan
21 March, 2020

Great content.But i feel some videos get cut and continue in the next video at the wrong point.Cheers!

30 March, 2020

It would made it lot more useful if different shapes of light like rectangle, square,round, octagon are demonstrated.

Steve G
19 March, 2020

nice course

28 February, 2020

Makes the seemingly complicated seem straightforward

Reagan Vanzura
28 February, 2020

Thank you for this course! I was expecting it to be much longer, but you guys condensed some great information into the perfect length, and structured it so that I was engaged the entire time. Great job!

09 March, 2020

Clear objective and examples

Phil Stephenson
27 February, 2020

Bravo! Really well done. This elemental approach distills complex concepts into bite sized learning and the examples cemented and reinforced the concepts very well.

26 February, 2020


Ian Eldridge
13 April, 2020

The small lighting course was very informative. I've done others like SLR Lounge and I absolutely love them. But I'm excited to see more from you!

12 April, 2020

Most fun explanation!
Wish it would go more in depth with the demonstrations of the techniques

Tanay bhatawadekar
18 February, 2020

Wasn't a big fan artificial lighting photography. But will definitely try it out

Ashwin B
18 February, 2020

Profoto should keep coming up with such short courses.

Jerry Steele
09 March, 2020

it is very basic but I thought a good start... I hope there will be more (FREE) videos I can tune into!

09 March, 2020

very informative information for someone new to lighting!

07 March, 2020

Very interesting and instructive.

Jaíme Sykes
22 March, 2020

Great length, clear explanations, engaging and clear’

26 February, 2020

정말 좋은 내용인것 같습니다 가장중요한 기본기를 다시 배우며 기초부터 쌓아가는느낌이네요

07 March, 2020

This was good. It was helpful to see the topics demonstrated so clearly.

"Chieftain" Joe
24 February, 2020

Great education. Thank you.

Jay more
03 February, 2020

send this course sketch pdf

Park Howon
02 February, 2020

I don't have any feedback because this content is completely perfect.

02 February, 2020

Need More Practical Videos more Experiments

Yes, its my pleasure.
02 February, 2020

This is Vishnu from Rasterize Graphic studio, Coimbatore. I'm happy to take part in this workshop. As me being a photographer & retouching expert its something very important for me to know about lighting as it make my retouching even more theoretically and practically easy.

Dinesh kumar B
02 February, 2020


Ashish Rajapuram
02 February, 2020

The very important basics to be learnt.

Florian v. Kurnatowski
01 February, 2020

Very good production, good level of explanation, pretty perfect (albeit too short :-)) online course.

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05 January, 2020

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01 January, 2020

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Subtitles would be nice to help understand some accents.

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The shape of the light is not enough to caracterize light; for instance a directionnal reflector or a softbox of the same shape are not going to impact the penumbra and most important, the texture of the subject (for instance the skin defects); the angular distribution of the direction of the light at each square inch of the surface of the source should also be teached as a fourth factor. This aspect is barely shown in lighting lessons.. hope you will take this in charge ;) thank you

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10 September, 2019

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Les Berezowski (Canmore Photography)
10 September, 2019

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I didn't understand Q2 - not an excuse for getting it wrong but I truly didn't understand the question.

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Course is not too long and to the point.

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11 September, 2019

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10 September, 2019

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12 September, 2019


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10 September, 2019

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10 September, 2019

I have concerns that the last bit for "It's Your Turn Now" where the background was strobing from black to white might not be good for those with epilepsy.

10 September, 2019

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Josef Prinz, Vienna
15 July, 2019

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15 July, 2019

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01 October, 2019

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07 October, 2019

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02 July, 2019


04 September, 2019

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25 June, 2019

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24 June, 2019

This team takes the complex, and makes it simple. They also provide humor and that is really appreciated.

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Jerry P
23 June, 2019

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23 June, 2019

It was great. I will definitely look closer at your other courses. One thing to mention, I started on my phone and when I got to the course section a next question button didn't appear when I clicked the first answer. I tried a number of things but ultimately had to get on my laptop to finish. fyi I was on a samsung and on chrome. Thanks!

21 September, 2019

To basic. Could be much more deep in the fundamentals.

Michael Hrizuk
22 June, 2019

Easy to follow along. Very helpful.

Jorge Parra
21 June, 2019

The course missed one general comment, which should be included, explaining the changes in the intensity of the light as the distance, direction and shape of the source varies. Other than that, it is helpful for those who know nothing or little about artificial lighting

Mike White
20 June, 2019

Easy to understand course with very relevant lighting fundamentals every photographer should know.

20 June, 2019

missed the penumbra light shape section

20 June, 2019

Loved the theoretical and the practical explanations and demonstrations. This is my first time watching something from Profoto but it will not be my last.

Vic Romero
19 June, 2019

Excellent. To improve the course, clarify cornerstone 3. At first, you talk about the shape of the light. Round sun, round penumbra. Rectangular light box, rectangular penumbra. But Hanna's illustrations do not talk about shape. She talks about the size of the light source. The two ideas of shape and size are not contradictory, but they are not identical either. So, there is a disconnect. And you ignore the disconnect. You need to make the connection, so the gap goes away.

Steve Lee Photoworks
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19 June, 2019

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18 June, 2019

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12 September, 2019

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13 June, 2019

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23 June, 2019

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Tom Trio
22 June, 2019

Fun, Concise

10 September, 2019

I think you should have talked about the inverse-square law. Otherwise it makes no sense that the background gets brighter when you put the light source further away from the subject. I already know about all that stuff, but actually there was so much relevant content left out that for me this doesn't qualify as a tutorial on "how light actually works".

10 September, 2019

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12 June, 2019

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12 June, 2019

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Doug Baugh
11 June, 2019

This was a great starter course , although i feel like i know photography :) this course was able to enlighten me on new things that i thought i understood but now know better in a different way . thanks Profoto for letting me have this for free :)

11 June, 2019

Thank you for a great lesson on lighting, it was a nice way to enter your profoto academy of learning.

João v. Schothorst
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13 September, 2019

Thank you, I found the information very helpful. You should send a link to all product users upon registration of their purchases about these videos as to add value to your products and enhance the customers enjoyment. Profoto is expensive but is worth it, this needs to known. I purchased the A1 system because of failures in other systems. Performance, innovation and reliability are Profoto.

Marcus Fredlund
03 June, 2019

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Kevin O
13 June, 2019

Good foundational info that is well explained with a sense of humor. I know all that is covered in the course, but I enjoy relearning the basics to expand my understanding and use of light.

13 June, 2019

I would like to have been able to ask questions about some of the techniques and equipment used.

12 June, 2019

Very nicely explained, dynamic and humoruous, They break down the concepts and the examples are fantastic.

02 June, 2019

You are great. I didn't find online courses until your academy. But your products is very expensive, more expensive for me because i am living in turkey(Our currency is low). Can you be sponsor to me :). Please keep going. If i earn money with my photography skills, i promise, i will only use your products.

02 June, 2019

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Chris Bence
19 June, 2019

Very well produced, and I liked the practical application demonstrations. It was a little more basic than I expected, so for me was not additive to what I know, however it encourages me to look at other course offerings from Profoto Academy to improve my control of light for portraiture. Thank you!

19 June, 2019

A little basic. More detail and lighting scenarios would be more helpful.

Errol B
19 June, 2019

Very interesting and revealing course. Learned a lot about lighting.

Jon Thrasher
17 June, 2019

Very brief but straight to-the-point and practical/useful.

Stephen yin soen
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Nixon Lima Photo
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Indrit Skëndaj
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23 May, 2019

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23 May, 2019


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17 May, 2019

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17 May, 2019

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Fanelo Maseko - South Africa
16 May, 2019

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16 May, 2019

Loved the ease with which the course was taught. I look forward to registering for more courses.

Divyam Chopra
16 May, 2019

It is an amazing platform to learn new techniques from the best

25 June, 2019

You have missed (maybe intentionally) a key concept when talking about the size of the light. It should have been explained as "the APPARENT size of the light source" in respect to the subject. If you had placed the "big" softbox 100 meters away from the subject, it would have become a hard light because the apparent size would be small in respect to the subject. The way you left things to the viewer may lead to the misconception that a large softbox will always produce a soft light. Would you say the Sun makes a hard light because it is a small light source? The Sun is 100 times bigger than the Earth.

05 July, 2019

It was a very useful course for people without basics.

15 May, 2019

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15 May, 2019

Thanks to your kindly present

Hans-Joerg Keim
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Crrrdesign / www.blossomhcompany.com
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I'd appreciate it if you could give me a cheaper lecture.
so that everyone knows...

13 May, 2019

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Monsuru Tiamiyu
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12 May, 2019

Helpful informations and great presentation.

Thank you.

12 May, 2019

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Mohamed Salhi
12 May, 2019

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i wish watch all the curses you have

12 May, 2019

Handy introductory lighting course for beginners, reinforces basic concepts with actual shooting scenarios.

Sheik Tanvir Roshan
12 May, 2019

It was a great experience. Flash setting used for this shoot could be fantastic.

Adeniran Abass
12 May, 2019

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11 May, 2019

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If you could provide some manual settings too it would be really helpful
Thankyou .

John Thoya Katana
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11 May, 2019

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11 May, 2019

I love this. As a beginner, lighting is scary & overwhelming to me. But this short simple course covers all the basic lessons I need to know. Thank you so much for this free lesson.

11 May, 2019

I loved it.

11 May, 2019

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11 May, 2019

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Very informative and useful, Thank you.

Thank you so much for this precious information.
11 May, 2019

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unfortunately (but its ok, it was free), i would love to learn a little bit more about lighting physics. Anyway, it was helpful to rethink about old knowledge.

I you read this (I hope so) I would love to see a full webinar of light shaping w/ Andrea Belluso.

Thanks for everything Profoto.

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I did learn, and the way you explain the concepts are very clear.

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05 April, 2019

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Distance is such a Positive way to make a difference
Pemba never entered my thought process.

Harlen Seeliger

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Ntjengeti Sibanda
22 March, 2019

The course was very informative, with precise and pinpoint explanations on all the techniques. However it did not clearly take account of subject placement in relation to the background (distance). Doesn’t that affect the amount of fall off the backdrop picks up as well, especially with the addition of a modifier like Softbox?

Arrman sameer
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Thanks! I have learned again, now i have got the courage to implement those in real life with more confidence

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27 March, 2019

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My name is Franklin, and i want to say you guys are amazing tutors. It was very straight to the point, very easy to understand and the narrator was wonderful, Like i just learnt the basics in minutes. I'm off to create rembrandt and butterfly right now. I wish i could afford to pay for other lessons *crying* it is so worth it. Thank you guys, this is amazing!

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13 June, 2019

Most of it was good, but the first lesson regarding distance was wrong. When the light was moved closer the background was lighter but the subject was overexposed. It was only when the power of the light was reduced that the background became darker. The erroneous conclusion that was repeated several times was that bringing the light closer makes the background darker. I feel that this will only confuse photographers who are new to lighting.

14 March, 2019

The technical part was broken down and understandable to a layman. . .it is also very engaging. .. I wasn't bored at all

23 April, 2019

it is a good and fast course for people who want a quick grababout lighting, but would be better if there was more explanations on light positioning

Abhishek M
24 March, 2019

It's very nice to learn over the web , it's just like sitting in a workshop class ;), Can you bring more live models for showing the variations.

It's easier to capture them on mind

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20 March, 2019

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Richard Seijger
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27 April, 2019

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Umesh Pillai (Pixxatron)
26 March, 2019

Explained everything in a very simple and understandable way. Learned a lot in those few minutes of videos. Thank you for the course.

26 March, 2019

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16 March, 2019

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16 March, 2019

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Samojit saha
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Kevin Ochieng'
14 March, 2019

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Phillip Kingsley
21 March, 2019

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21 March, 2019

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Dilip Kumar
20 March, 2019

First of all thanks to the Profoto for this course. Since Profoto has the most light shapers in the world, I would kindly suggest to explain more about the light shapers like Beauty Dish, Strip box and how they impact on a subject. Thank you.

Benzik Studio
20 March, 2019

Fantastic course on the foundation of lighting. I love it! Thank you Profoto

Anshul Mehta
09 May, 2019

These type of tutorials are already available online for free also with better demonstration

19 March, 2019

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26 March, 2019

It was really good, everything it's helpful and ilustrative in the best way.
it could take a few more minutes illustrating a practical example of the 3 conceps at the same time.

Johannes Felten
23 February, 2019

I'm a professional photographer so the basic principles explained here are known to me however I did enjoy watching the different parts and I found that the explanations are very clear, concise and very focused.

Nick Hill
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15 March, 2019

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Rick M
22 February, 2019

Great way to break down the basics and illustrate what they look like.

22 February, 2019

Is Hannah any relation to Dave Couzens?

22 February, 2019

Easy, well explained and correct!

21 February, 2019

I love your Academy live episodes on YouTube, which I regularly watch. This format is more compact and to the point, so is very effective in bringing the basics across. I'm currently doing a photography education and will point my classmates this way. Top job!

21 February, 2019

A really effective and inspiring way to teach. Things are justified and the examples are understandable. Fantastic !!!

23 March, 2019

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Daniel Trifon
20 February, 2019

Very educative, shaping the light is one of most important knowledge that you need to master in photography. Well done guys!

20 February, 2019

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Daniel Suarez
19 February, 2019

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20 March, 2019


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I dont know how it is in other countries but in my country 25 dol is a really high price.

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M Starchuk
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Hands down one of the BEST straight forward lessons on lighting!!

16 March, 2019

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15 March, 2019

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22 February, 2019

The course is lovely!

12 February, 2019

I am very pleased and feel lucky to enrolled for profoto academy. Please make this available and easier for people who want to change their life with Photography.
I am willing to attend a professional course in photography. Hope to find help and your guideness.

12 May, 2019

10 February, 2019

I really wanted to hate these tutorials. I have bought and seen so many that I guess I'm just jaded at this point. That was until now. I'm amazed at how concepts that I have been trying to wrap my head around for quite some time, were explained in away that now I finally understand. Thank you so much for creating quality content. By doing so, you are elevating the level of photographer who take the time to learn. Very much appreciated.

David Henderson
20 February, 2019

Excellent introduction to the fundamental foundations of understanding and working with light.
Practical demonstrations and quizzing yourself on the main ideas helps to reinforce your understanding of the course material.

09 February, 2019

i loved this segment. looks so simple and really inspiring

09 February, 2019

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07 February, 2019

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28 March, 2019

Even for a free course it seemed to me that it was too short and basic

Cindy Ashwal
15 February, 2019

These videos are a wonderful educational tool. You should quiz us harder and maybe supply a PDF with terminology explained. I love that I can replay the videos if I practice a technique and am not sure I can get it correct

04 February, 2019

I have told many people about these courses (I work in a Camera/media/lighting store - Camera Electronic, Perth, Western Australia). I also love the 100% discount offers. Although you are giving something for free, I believe it generates sales for Profoto, as a follow-on effect.

Kevin Lau
22 February, 2019

Very Easy to Understand, Good Job~~

20 March, 2019

Entertaining and excellent production values, but I felt that the inverse Square law should have been explained.

07 May, 2019

Can you guys get me contact details of you photographer hannah

Mark Matson
11 February, 2019

This brief course is full of practical information and good advice.

22 January, 2019

I liked that the course was the theory and then you showed the actual results you will get changing one of the 3 cornerstones of light. The course was easy to follow and a good length!

Ángel Molina
30 January, 2019

Sin duda unos cursos muy interesantes. Felicidades

Andrew Emil
30 January, 2019

Amazing course

08 February, 2019

Content was great but I had some problems with the video freezing and the audio continuing.

27 January, 2019


Murathan Yildiz
17 January, 2019

Short and to the point, thank you.

11 January, 2019


09 February, 2019

Nice intro, explaining the Penumbra was new info, thank you!

08 January, 2019


José Manuel Ch.
23 January, 2019

Very good training.

no thanks
09 March, 2019


26 February, 2019

Subtitles are hard to read.

27 December, 2018

It was very useful knowledge to make movie!

26 January, 2019

14 February, 2019

well, I wish your prices wasn't that high. Way too expensive for me. unless you would offer a package price for all your courses, like other online courses. I wasn't able to find a way to use all the courses for a fraction of the individual courses. it would be nice for instance to have a 50% discount for people like me who would be interested to take all the courses and pay at once. And even better if divided into a monthly payment. Thanks

20 March, 2019

This information was pretty basic and added nothing to knowledge.

20 March, 2019

I really enjoyed the format, and the presentation. However, the content, for the price, is a bit too steep, in my opinion. The concept of the inverse square law was barely touched upon.
There are plenty of resources on basic lighting available on the web and most of them provide greater detail.
Other than that, the video was very enjoyable.
Thank you.

08 January, 2019

I learned a lot.

19 December, 2018

I want a subtitle in question.

Masaru Tsuruoka
16 December, 2018

It's easy to understand what kind of effect we can create with using lights with 3 method. Also english of David and Hanna is easy to listen, so I can relax watching the class (I am Japanese).

Sri venkat
16 March, 2019

I am very happy to join

Murphy Benny Tauya
15 March, 2019

The course was wonderful

15 March, 2019


31 January, 2019

bryan welsh
10 December, 2018

Well done, easy to understand and useful for all levels of photographer.

Devin Belmain
28 December, 2018

It's always great to get down to basics in order to lay a solid foundation to build your lighting technique knowledge upon!

07 December, 2018

very helpfull .

Masahide Tsurumoto
25 December, 2018

I'm very happy to know the foundation of photography. As you said that it's hard to find proper one through internet. But, I want to know more detail and advance.

pls, I want to know the something exercise of photography. eg) foundation of drawing is sketch.

I'm looking forward to new course of foundation.

01 February, 2019

The course was brief, educational, but I was hoping for more information on who to use the PROFOTO A1

Masafumi ONO
19 December, 2018

Please Japanese.

18 December, 2018

very great explanations and examples

Jose Carlos
28 November, 2018

Even being a very basic light course was extremely clear and well done at all levels. Very pleasant to watch and make me curious about more advanced courses at Profoto academy.

06 December, 2018

Good course , ideal for starters

Richard Seijger
06 December, 2018

All this was very good basic information. Very suitable for starting photographers and brought in an easy to understand manner. Inviting to want to see more.

issei makabe
25 November, 2018

all most good.but im japnese, more slowly is beter.

02 February, 2019

Really 25EUR for this? You should give your courses in addition to your gear. At least when I have to wait 4 month until B10 will be available in Germany!

Masanao Noda
22 November, 2018

I could understand that I remembered quality of the light only in a law learned by experience scientifically some other time and was very good.

10 December, 2018


29 November, 2018

Clear and excellent!

16 November, 2018

I think this is the first time anyone has ever explained how to setup a light from Rembrandt lighting. I knew what it looked like and I knew it was from a higher light, but how one was to determine the placement of that light easily, I didn't know.

22 November, 2018


09 November, 2018

Great intro into lighting. The concepts discussed were beautifully explained Thank you!

08 December, 2018

I would like to have the video file

David Recor
17 November, 2018

Great short intro course.

06 December, 2018

Very well presented with the basic fundamentals of lighting clearly explained in a novel and entertaining way making it easy to remember. I was, perhaps, expecting a little more.

23 November, 2018

Aaron A.
10 November, 2018

I dreaded using artificial light such as flashes for years. I always found speed lights extremely confusing to use. Then I recently stumbled upon Profoto and it changed everything! From their easy-to-use A1's to their informative academy classes, they have actually made lighting FUN to learn and easy use!

19 November, 2018

So easy to understand, very very fine explanations

16 November, 2018

(I assume this comment is to make future courses better, not to make a great testimonial ;)) From what I've seen, I'm a fan of your courses. David (I hope he's name is David, right?) is a really great teacher. I highly appreciate the attention you guys put into the details of the video. Those "gif videos", moving captions, black screen when David is talking about switching light off - I think it really makes a difference. The only thing I didn't like was sadly the light in the video itself. It wasn't Profoto as I understand it. That's from a technical POV. Moving on to other -much more important- aspect of educational videos - their educational value: I think the content was 9/10. Very well described. All important. Easy to understand. Not boring at all, even though I knew every single piece of advice here. Maybe the only thing I was missing was the practical tips on when I should use the butterfly, Rembrandt, short or board? Those setups surely make a picture FEEL differently. But which one should I use when? That being said I'd surely recommend this course to any beginner photographer I know. Thank you for doing such a great work.

Stephen Geyer
27 October, 2018


Yasutaka Yamamoto
23 November, 2018

17 November, 2018

too short

Joshua Platt
17 December, 2018

Some important info, but the content was sort of kitchie. Glad I got the course for free, had I paid for it, I would not have felt as though I'd gotten my money's worth.

Ted Aaron
13 October, 2018

Easy way of learning the differences of how light effects the image.

09 October, 2018

Sometimes it is so easy to make it right and this video will help a lot.

09 October, 2018

Very easy to follow. Basic and logical instructions. Provided in an accessible way providing me with a sense of possibilities.

25 November, 2018


05 October, 2018

It was short and concise - So much wasted time watching other videos really makes you appreciate a well made and thought out tutorial!

Jeff M
25 September, 2018

This demonstrated and explained the impact of portrait and background lighting. I'll now know how to act quicker in resolving common lighting issues on any shoots. Great for the beginner in this field!

22 November, 2018

I wanted not only single light source, but multiple lights for studio portrait.

Tim Ashley
09 November, 2018

It’s almost a very good short course. Two problems: 1) The explanation of making the background darker or lighter is rather confusing because it just refers to the light being nearer or further, without making it clear TO WHAT - in other words, what this is really about (inverse square law) is the fact that moving the light further from BOTH the model and the background means that their RELATIVE distances get closer to each other and therefore the background is getting RELATIVELY better lit.

Issue number 2: CONTRAST. Many of these courses state that contrast is lower on the model’s face when the light is nearer to the model, and more contrasty when it is further away. I think you might have covered this.

Otherwise great. Love Anders, so helpful!

Brendan Joyce
20 September, 2018

Loved the course and excited to purchase more soon.

Les Russell
19 September, 2018

I have taken courses now from both David and Hannah. David is a bit of a comic, which I like because it makes the course a bit of fun on top of educational. Hannah is just very descriptive and lots of knowledge. Really like the chemistry between them. Great stuff

Spencer L Stanton
18 September, 2018

Great job guys, you made learning the basics fun and entertaining.

16 October, 2018

David's style of teaching and charisma are great. However the knowledge in this course is very basic. I mean it says so in the title but I was expecting a little bit more for 25$. Still very enjoyable.

Art Moreno, Jr.
10 September, 2018

Fabulous!! Easy and basic. Perfect!

10 September, 2018

Well explained and concise content for a beginner. Thanks for doing this and the other classes on academy!

Raoul Randriamaholy / Cannes - France
09 September, 2018

It's clear with simple demonstration. Easy to understand

Fernando Vega
08 September, 2018

Greatly condensed fundamentals of lightning in an enjoyable way!

28 October, 2018

Very basic

Cameron Spooner
07 September, 2018

Great class! It was a perfect blend of information and entertainment.

Greg Aspinall
07 September, 2018

After 20 years of professional photography it never hurts to love the basics. With the lessons herein are the touchstones to opening secrets to painting with light. Excellent! Thank you!

Manuel Gil
06 September, 2018

I think this was great for any one that is starting.

Henry Coleman
01 September, 2018

Very good so far. I'm feeling more comfortable using flash photography.

Réal Crépeau
20 September, 2018

Bien aimer,les instructions sont claires nette et précises.

10 October, 2018

This course gives some basic information, but it's done way to goofy

Mike Spencer
19 September, 2018

great overview !

09 September, 2018

Very enjoyable

Mike Calhoun
08 September, 2018

Easy to understand- well presented

Gajendra Singh Rathore
18 October, 2018

Expecting a detailed overview on types of light shapes.. overall its a nice course

Chris Roll
17 November, 2018

You guys Rock and the professionalism of the course is top draw. Loved it! but I must say honestly that if I had'nt been spoilt by you and had paid £19 I would have been very upset.

Yossef cohen
07 September, 2018

A practical course, well planned and very simple to understand and practice.

Adam Küykendall
07 September, 2018

Entertaining and informative.

Peter Riese
07 September, 2018

Very nice and easy to understand lection, presented with an humorous attitude. like it!

06 September, 2018

Such helpful, practical and straightforward advice. The course makes lighting concepts much less overwhelming.

13 September, 2018

These are the basics every photographer needs to know.

Hector Caminero
24 August, 2018

People never learn the basics. Amazing videos

Myron Thompson
01 September, 2018

A little longer to reinforce what is being taught. I did learn a lot. So maybe this shorter version is better. Short bursts of knowledge maybe a better way.

21 August, 2018

Very informative course. Great for Beginners. Light essentials. :-)

Jim Walsh
09 September, 2018

Nice job. Quick, simple, easy to understand and a useful break down of lighting principles.

16 September, 2018

they gave it to me and it was very good but if I bought it I would like it to have more information and to be longer

Ricky Yunata
17 August, 2018

The courses by Profoto is always enjoyable and easy to understand

Abbas India
12 August, 2018

It was great learning this course, and it was completely helpful and I would recommend this to my fellow photographer friends for sure. Thank you Profoto team.

10 September, 2018

Presentation is quite goofy but there are some good tips

Abdelaziz Issa
08 September, 2018

it was too short and not enough information but it was good for someone too beginner

08 September, 2018

Looks like it is created for a beginner, but the humor is great and so is the edit of the video!

05 August, 2018

Explained the concept so that it is easy for a layman to understand

Sy Battle
29 July, 2018

Very informative. Exposed me to new nuisances of photography. More detailed.

27 August, 2018

It was a little simple, but it was also free ))

reza ali
27 July, 2018

hope give us some code sell for the courses .

Christian Lee
27 July, 2018

The course is basic, easy to follow and well thought out.

Makda Tedla
27 July, 2018

Very informative. Nothing else. Thank you.

Kate Frost
26 July, 2018

Really easy to understand and apply.

25 July, 2018

Very simple and pratical

24 July, 2018

excellent presentation and awesome practical session

oscar Leon
23 July, 2018

So easy to learn and so interesting ,no bullshit and funny way to see results on the go, very very professional!

23 July, 2018


Hermie Benemerito
23 July, 2018

will be better if the settings of the flash and camera is displayed on the screen just to have idea what's is going on the sample shots

12 August, 2018

The coarse was simple but straight forward; I liked it!

benjamin brink
20 July, 2018

it was well done. the essentials well explained.

08 August, 2018

Very concise way of explaining light for photography

Robin Ghai
29 July, 2018

Very good content and perfectly articulated & presented.

Olivier de Lécluse
07 August, 2018

Always good to come-back to the basics. Thanks for this course very clear for non initiate or pro photographers.

18 July, 2018

Easy do understand and very helpful.

28 July, 2018

I feel that content was great however the cost does not match the length and overall complexity. IE: I was hoping for more content on angles and brightness of the subject not just the background.

16 August, 2018

A great video... and thank you for publishing these. I think they left out a couple basics. It's the size of the light-source -in relation to- the subject. The sun is a huge light source, but still creates harsh shadows. Same can be true of a softbox too far away, or a speedlite next to the face. And they didn't discuss the use of shutter speed on background lighting. Thanks!

05 September, 2018

very basic, but well produced, not terribly useful for an experienced photographer

Tinashe Hwindingwi
15 July, 2018

A back to basic approach to do great lighting. Love it.

15 July, 2018

I have been a shooter for over 30yrs, it's always nice to relearn something you take fore-granted because you know it all ready.

15 July, 2018

Excellent and succinct!

12 October, 2018

Seems way too simple. Light is such a powerful tool. I don't think this intro gave it justice.

Mike Galos
22 July, 2018

Surprisingly well done for such a short intro. Presented topics well and in a way that made the concepts clear.

Juan Sebastián Echeverri
22 July, 2018

Key principles to keep always in mind

Nicholas Ng
11 August, 2018

A cheaper course will encourage more photographer to learn from profoto.

Michael Murphy
12 July, 2018

The information with regard to the Penumbra which I tend to like to have a wider and softer Penumbra when taking Portraits and such, I have been literally shooting photography for years and never knew that was what it was called. Now I do.

07 September, 2018

The course itself is fine but the website usability is not efficient and hard to navigate on my phone. An app for Profoto Academy would be great. Until then, I can not recommend this product.

Rodney Abdullah
08 July, 2018

love this course just doing refresher..

Phil Wood
25 July, 2018

Liked the examples with ken

24 July, 2018


Amalia Gonzalez
23 July, 2018

Lots of important information!Learned with ease.

Manzell J. Lyles (MJ)
02 July, 2018

For me, it was basically review as I already knew all of the information that was presented in the video. However, I must say it was one of the best presentations of the information I have seen: short and concise. I am interested in checking out your other offerings that may actually be of more use to me.

10 August, 2018

Great .... for beginners
I presume people who buy Profoto equipment know that already ?!

08 September, 2018

You made a big deal about being scientific and telling the foundations better than others on YouTube, but the content was light. Pun intended.

For example, bringing a light closer to the background does not make the background darker unless something else changes, such as needed power to illuminate the foreground.

Orcun Acik
08 July, 2018

Great tutorial, engaging teaching style and the course is packed full of practical information, to the point simple explanations. Highly recommended.

Carlos Collado
26 June, 2018

It was very informative

26 July, 2018

Your courses are way too expensive

13 September, 2018

When you get to the point as a photographer where you invest in Profoto gear, I kind of think you should know those basics. And if so, 25 (okay I got this one for free now) is a (sorry) waist of money

Tyler P.
25 June, 2018

Very simple and helped with the basics of lighting without being overwhelming like most educational resources.

Harvey G.
25 June, 2018

I loved how the instructor broker it down in easy to use terms and methods. I fully understand how to use light effectively.

Carlos Corona
23 June, 2018

It is a necessary course to understand the fundamentals of lighting, and understand that the material is not indispensable, but the way to use it. Without a doubt, it is the principle to start

Javier Fernandez
03 July, 2018

very well explained and easy to understand even for beginners

Juergen E. Dechert
23 July, 2018

There is only one point for improvement from my perspective:
Aren't there lots of beautiful Swedish girls out there, who could be convinced to stand in for this awesome guy Ken ???
I think that Ken has deserved to go on holidays .... :-)

08 September, 2018

A little too basic.

30 June, 2018

show actual photos with the examples of the lighting being taught.

23 July, 2018

Too short but effective.

Kunal Patel
31 July, 2018

There should be little more in basic course

Anthony Falsarella
01 July, 2018

A nice introduction to the basics of lighting.

07 September, 2018

Good for absolute beginner but pretty basic.

Colonel John Karch, USA, Ret.
06 June, 2018

Clear and concise information well presented.

04 June, 2018

A good place to reinforce the basics

15 July, 2018

Very informative, but I did not understand the question about the background light in the quiz with the short light as the answer.

Abu Sandeep
20 May, 2018

Excellent Session. The most like session.

10 May, 2018

Very well done. Clear and concise.

09 May, 2018

I knew that Profoto makes cutting edge light systems, what I am just recently realizing is they also provide unparalleled education and top notch customer service. Thank you Profoto.

29 May, 2018

Très bien, rapide, fun, on ne perd pas son temps et bien expliqué

15 June, 2018

Its very expensive for the content

17 May, 2018

Its a great course for beginners

Göran Olsson
27 April, 2018

mycket lätt att förstå trots att jag inte är jätte duktig på engelska. längden är lagom långa på avsnitten! lätt att förstå och ta till sig!

Dominica Fisher
16 May, 2018

Well done! You made lighting feel easy and not overwhelming. Your lighthearted banter made it fun and easy to remember.

Harry Stahl Photography
01 May, 2018

Great synopsis of the there characters of light and a fun and very inspiring teaching of how to use these in your own work.

Matt E.
20 July, 2018

Great for beginners but there isn't anything included even an intermediate photographer can take away with. I work in the photo industry and was given a card from the MFR with a free promo code only good for this course, I'd be offended if I thought anyone from Profoto thought I could use information from this particular course and am very surprised I was not given a promo code I could use on one of your most advanced courses where I could have possibly learned something and in turn recommended a piece of Profoto gear (or lighting technique) I wouldn't have otherwise.

31 May, 2018

Academy should be free to Profoto customers

03 April, 2018

I found this course instructive and funny, as an introductional lession must be :)

01 April, 2018

I understanded the basic lighting method. Thank you!

29 March, 2018


Rodney abdullah
15 March, 2018

This course took the over thinking of how to use light .on youtube many people make it hard to understand.

Tim Matthews
14 March, 2018

Absolutely brilliant! So simple and yet so helpful to understand the basic foundations that underpin effective portrait photography. Considerably more helpful than watching hours of general lighting videos on YouTube.

25 May, 2018

Its Needs to be in More details with actuals subjects + too much of intro + very expensive

06 March, 2018

A very useful and practical course on the foundations of lighting

Ramon Alberich
04 March, 2018

the course is amazing, easy to follow and very interesting.

23 May, 2018

the level of this training is far too basic: nothing about the amount of light, settings of the flashmeter, principes of basic three points of light, etc., no documentation, and A1 isn’t adapted, Im’ very disappointed, its’ very expensive!

Bart Leirs
03 March, 2018

Very clear and interesting

23 March, 2018

It’s a very useful course but a little bit expensive for just few minutes of real lessons

20 March, 2018

Tydlig och enkelt förklarat.

Rodney abdullah
28 February, 2018


26 February, 2018

It would be good to have other languages like French or Spanish.
This is nicely explained.

Ou Zhang
13 March, 2018

General speaking , I like the way of illustration, because it is simple and clear. However, regarding the point of distance, I feel it should be explained a bit more deeply. She says further means brighter, but without saying that it is necessary to adjust either the power of the flash or the aperture in order to get a correct exposure. Also it has something to do with the distance between the model and the background.

02 March, 2018

Is it possible to let the videos automatically start playing without pressing the start/triangle?
The second question did not make sense to me. Maybe it because I am dyslectic or just stupid... :-)

Joel Ruiz
16 April, 2018

The information is great but I wish it didn't have to be purchased and here is why.
From a marketing perspective, these video can be promoted at:
"proper lighting techniques" using Profoto.
Now, this will inspire more people to want to utilize your gear, in order to replicate the same results.
Yes, it can be done with other lights but the object is to get more people to purchase more of the Profoto line of equipment.
Now, this course is about $25 US dollars.
If I was a student at a local college, I wouldn't purchase this video because I don't have the money to spend it. So out of 100 people, let's say that only 5 people purchased the video and now, Profoto made
$125 from the sale of this video.

Now, if the video was free; all 100 students would watch this video. Out of all the 100 student, 50 students fall in love with the Profoto A1.
Out of the 50 students, 8 students purchase the
Profoto A1 and now Profoto made about $8,000 US dollars in sales, off of that free video and 12 students other students will purchase a Profoto A1 in the near future. You could possibly make about $20,000 off of the video, if you play your cards right.

Think about this too.
If you make these videos free and only available online and at the Profoto website; just imagine how much traffic will be generated to the Profoto website?
The object is to bring people to your website so that they are forced to watch these videos at Profoto.
This will result in informing new customers of what you all offer and will help increase sale.
Also, if you are providing these videos free, I would literally be seeing first hand that all these images were produced by the Profoto equipment and will cause me to be loyal to the brand.
How do I know this work?
It is because I went to Youtube and type Profoto. I saw the video of Andrea Belluso and it was because of him that I purchased a set of D2's and an Air Remote for my Nikon Camera. I visit that page religiously to keep me inspired and to continue my growth: both creative and technical.
It was because of those videos, that I was able to troubleshoot errors that people were having with their A1's at ShutterFest 2018.
Also, thank you all for sending Andrea Belluso to Houston, TX.
I was able to meet him, his wife, his brother in law, and Rose Whitaker; at the workshop held by the Houston Camera Exchange and by Profoto.
All of this because of the Youtube videos that had Andrea Belluso.
I've been doing marketing for 15 years and what I do for another company, those principles can be applied to the Profoto brand and it will generate a lot more sales. Email me at: joelruizinc@gmail.com
if you all would like to speak more about it.

30 January, 2018

Chinese subtitle, Chinese subtitle, Chinese subtitle

09 May, 2018

I like that course

Jonathan Noakes
16 March, 2018

I think although this was advertised as a basic course, it was too rudimentary. Well produced, but lacking in depth detail for the price.

12 February, 2018

Seems a bit short.

02 February, 2018

The content of this class was almost identical to the talk that David made at the A1 launch event. I hoped it would go beyond that.

06 February, 2018

this is like a beginner's crash course. Dont really think profoto customers are the right target group. for me it was very disappointing and a waste of money.

Meet the teacher
David Bicho
A highly experienced photographer, David has shot everything from Hollywood celebrities to high end Profoto products, as well as producing award-winning magazine covers. He’s also trained hundreds of professional photographers in advanced studio lighting and lectured thousands of semi-professional amateurs. Renowned for his witty and inspiring teaching style, David brings his knowledge and passion to Profoto Academy.
Meet the teacher

David Bicho

A highly experienced photographer, David has shot everything from Hollywood celebrities to high end Profoto products, as well as producing award-winning magazine covers. He’s also trained hundreds of professional photographers in advanced studio lighting and lectured thousands of semi-professional amateurs. Renowned for his witty and inspiring teaching style, David brings his knowledge and passion to Profoto Academy.

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