Profoto D4

Profoto D4

The D4 is highly versatile and hard working. Built to produce large quantities of high-quality images at an extremely high rate with consistent power output and color temperature.
With four outputs, each with independent control, working with the D4 is like working with four separate flash packs – an excellent generator for packshot and product photography.

The D4 is offered in three different variants – 1200Ws, 2400Ws and 4800Ws.

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Discontinued product

This product is discontinued and thus not available for purchase. For more information, please contact us.


D4 4800 Air EUR

Product number: 900893-EUR

The D4 is designed with the commercial photographer in mind. It’s incredibly versatile and brimming over with functions and effects, yet almost childishly simple to use. Built with purpose, the D4 takes all kinds of sophisticated photography in its stride – from still life to portraits and even 3D product shots.

It’s a workhorse crafted to produce large quantities of high-quality images at an extremely high rate with no variations in power output and color temperature. While the D4 does not offer extremely short durations, it compensates for this by featuring four individual outputs, each with independent control. So working with one D4 is just like working with four separate flash packs.


  • Capable of producing very large quantities of images at an extremely high rate.
  • Very stable light output and color temperature guarantees absolutely consistent results, shot after shot after shot.
  • Four independent outputs, controlled by four individual knobs, allow for both small and large setups with a single pack.
  • Wide 8 f-stop power range with precise control in 0.1 f-stop steps.
  • Unique features such as sequence, delay and interval settings make tricky lighting setups simple.
  • Can be used with either ProHeads or Acute/D4 Heads.
  • Can be wirelessly controlled from up to a 300 m range with any optional Air Remote.
Technical specifications

Technical specifications

  • Product name

    D4 4800 Air

  • Max energy

    4800 Ws

  • Energy range

    8 f-stops (37.5-4800 Ws)

  • Energy control increments

    1/10 and full f-stops

  • Lamphead outlets


  • Assymmetry between outlets

    max 7.8 f-stops

  • Energy stability

    ±1/100 f-stop

  • Color temp stability

    Better than ±150ºK

  • F-stop @ 2m / 100 ISO


  • TTL


  • HSS


Modeling light
  • Max power

    4 x 500 W

Wireless connectivity
  • Operating range

    300 m

Additional connections
  • USB

    USB 2.0 Type B port for Profoto Studio software

  • Wire sync voltage

    Compliant to ISO 10330 standard

  • Input power supply

    100-127V/200-240V, 50/60Hz (nominal)

  • Mains fuse requirement

    Slow blow type D, 10A/230V, 20A/120V Automatic fuse type D, 10A/230V 20A/120V

  • Fan cooling


  • Ready signals


  • Auto dumping


  • Photocell/IR-slave and switch


  • Digital display

    Yes, f-stops, Ws, Aux functions and radio channels

  • Width

    28 cm / 11.2 in

  • Length

    36 cm / 14.4 in

  • Height

    20 cm / 8 in

  • Weight

    13.5 kg / 29.5 lbs

What's included?

What's included?

D4 4800 Air Unit

x 1

Power Cable Pro-6/7/8 and D4 EUR

x 1

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