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Musicians Portraits during Lockdown

10 May, 2021

Written by: Srishti Digilife Pvt Ltd

Sriram Raghu took the time during lockdown in India to create these portraits of artist friends.

Lockdown had its impact on the photography business, and as a fulltime photographer, I had no clue what would happen to all the bookings that were made.

I had some family time, but there was this urge to create content.

My team and I requested a few artists to be a part of a photo series that involved global brands like Fujifilm and Profoto, with the backdrop sponsored by Prop’snest.

We spent a minimum of 3 to 6 hrs min for each artist to explore the various possibilities that we could do, and lit them in a different ways to make it look like digital paintings .

We couldn move out due to the lockdown and the only way to execute the project was to use our studio space . Srishti Digilife and Profoto helped us to make it better. Thanks to all who were part of this and a special thanks to my team.

About Sriram

Sriram Raghu is the founder of Signatures, a wedding photography outfit based in Chennai, India. From shooting as a freelance photographer to having a team of 10, Sriram covers only 40-45 weddings a year to ensure the quality of his works that he's known for; candid, revealing, and a preservation of time and memories. 

You can see more of Sriram's works over at his Instagram page here

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Written by: Srishti Digilife Pvt Ltd