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Wedding photography with Profoto B10

Vera Ho

"As a wedding/portrait photographer, reliable equipment is necessary. Thanks to its size and performance, Profoto B10 represents a new generation of lighting solutions that help me a lot in my daily work. The continuous light function also helps a lot during the video shooting."


Two Mann Studios

"We hiked to this secret meadow with this beautiful view of the Three Sisters Mountain Range. The B10 made it easy to do edgy lighting in a remote location, where traditional lighting would be too big and bulky to hike in. It was quick, easy, and gave enough power to work in HSS."

Masui Stories

"Working as a wedding photographer is the best job! Our work is a full-time party and love story. To have the flexibility and portability of the Profoto B10 flash, together with its reliability and high flash power, makes our work as photographers and filmmakers a lot easier."


Maternity photography with Profoto B10

Amrita Samant

"Soft light helps to create beautiful portraits especially in the field of child and maternity photography. I often use the Profoto B10 with the Umbrella Deep White XL. I love how easy the flash is so I have to spend minimal time on the technicalities."

Stanlo Photography

"As a destination wedding and lifestyle photographer, the B10 Plus is the number one tool in my arsenal. It offers so much power in such a small unit and it's so portable that it fits comfortably in my camera bag."

Tracie Maglosky

"The B10 Plus Kit is always present with me on every shoot. I love creating movement in my work with our maternity clients, so having lights that recycle quickly to capture each frame as the moment unfolds is invaluable".

Children photography with Profoto B10

Alba Soler

"As a children photographer, I need equipment that is light and easy to use. When working with children you have to move a lot and you never know when the child is going to pose for you. At that moment you need your flash to work for you with just a click of a button."

Alexandria's Lens

"Our family almost always shoots outdoors, on location, for our fantasy-style photography. We love that with the B10 we can have control over the temperature of the light so we can either match the warmth of a sunset or the coolness of a dark setting or magical spell."

Meg Loeks

"The Profoto B10's ease and portability make it perfect for everyday use documenting my children. From the continuous light option to the temperature slider I'm able to mimic natural light quickly and seamlessly."

Tips from the photographers

Vera Ho

USE A ZOOM REFLECTOR. When dealing with strong sunlight, I suggest using the standard Zoom Reflector to enhance the power of lighting so that the battery can last longer. 

USE A BEAUTY DISH. Secondly, I love the Beauty Dish when combined with the B10, it becomes my favorite lighting solution. Without any modifier, it's not soft enough for me and I love the light when it's soft, so using the right accessory is quite important.

COMBINE WITH MORE FLASHES. Combining the B10 with other flashes, such as an A1 or B1, can solve different kinds of problems. I love using the B10 and A1 during weddings or using two B10s at a pre-wedding outdoors. 

Two Mann Studios

DON’T OVERTHINK IT. Flash work is like cooking, if it needs more salt, add more salt (or in this case, flash). “Taste” the photo as you go along.

USE GRIDS TO HELP ISOLATE LIGHT. The absence of light is just as important as the presence of light, and grids can help you place your light only where you want it.

GO FAST! For a documentary style, opt for the smallest, lightest and fastest light stands you can find with mounting ball heads that allow for quick, one-handed, 360-degree adjustments.

Masui Stories

FOR DIFFERENT SCENARIOS. You can use the flash when it's too dark, such as the golden hour or the first dance. Use it either as a key light, kicker light or bouncer to make the couple pop out a bit in the picture.

CHANGE MODIFIERS. Try using the B10 with different types of softboxes or modifiers. Then you can shape the light the way you want to create different types of images. Lately, we've been using the Umbrella Deep M as it's easy to carry and to assemble on the B10.

VARY THE PLACEMENT. Using a B10 behind your couple on a rainy wedding night outdoors will make the raindrops freeze and create a cool outstanding picture. Just make sure you protect the flash from the rain. 



Amrita Samant

WORK WITH ONE LIGHT. With just the B10 and the Umbrella Deep White XL, you can create 5 different light setups such as accent lighting, loop, profile/side lighting, silhouettes and rim lighting.  

RE-CREATE NATURAL LIGHT. I've re-created natural light in my studio using two B10s on an XL Umbrella placed behind a long stretch of sheer curtains (15ft to be precise), giving me the similar lighting effect of a natural light studio. So now I never have to worry about the weather outdoors. 

CHANGE BACKGROUND COLOR. Create a variety of portraits by simply lighting up the subject the way you want. I change the background colors by using gels and pointing a second B10 to the backdrop (placed right behind the subject, facing the backdrop), thus creating colorful halos on the backdrop.


Stanlo Photography

MATCH MODIFIER WITH LOOK. Choose the modifier that suits the look that you're going for. For the portrait in Bahamas, we had originally planned for a nice sunny day. In this case, our Zoom Reflector would have been the perfect tool to emulate a nice hard sun look. Unfortunately, we had an overcast day and decided to use the Profoto OCF Beauty Dish White instead. This gave me a much softer look to really make the image pop when I did my sky swap.

USE LOWER F-STOP. To really capture the beauty of the amazing Bahamas waters, we wanted to have a lower f-stop so we set our camera to expose correctly at f8.

USE AUTO MODE. The Profoto Connect made everything so easy. I set the transmitter to Auto and it made the correct exposure on every shot.

Tracie Maglosky

DIRECTIONAL LIGHT. When I'm photographing a maternity client I'm using all of my tools to celebrate the shape of her body as a mother. When mom is facing to the side, I place my B10 Plus on the belly side of the image to make sure belly is accented properly and attention is drawn there. 

POSITION THE HANDS. Remember that the viewers' eyes will look for your subjects hands in any image. Maternity photography is the only time for hands on belly. Soft fingers and closing the thumbs against the hands look best!

GRID YOUR LIGHT. Use grids on your B10 Plus to keep light from spilling onto parts of the image that should be darker or more moody. If you're working in a tight studio space or against a backdrop, gridding your light is a perfect way to have ultimate control over where the light lands and where it doesn't. 

Alba Soler

DON'T OVERCOMPLICATE. Always start simple with everything, especially with light. When simple is perfect, you can make it more complicated.

PREPARE YOUR SHOT. When working on location, take a test shot in natural light and then think how the flash can enhance the images for an even better result. When you are ready, bring in your model. Having the model in front of you already from start can make you rush your decisions about position, settings and light. 

CHOOSE EQUIPMENT AFTER NEED. When choosing equipment, you need to think first of what you're going to need from it. It's common to think that the most powerful flash would be the best, but I have never used my flashes above half of their power. In fact, what made me fall in love with the B10 is that I could go even lower in power than with my old flash!

Alexandria's Lens

ADJUST COLOR TEMPERATURE. When shooting outdoors, turn on the continuous light mode and adjust the temperature until it matches the natural light color. It can then be used to continue shooting during the last light after sunset by gradually turning up the intensity. This allows for a lengthened shoot time during blue hour.

USE GELS. If you plan on adding a glowing element into a darkened setting, position the light wherever your glowing element will be placed before shooting your subject. For an extra magical touch, grab the Profoto Gel Kit for a big spectrum of colors to create a glow with! You will spend less time editing if the glow color matches the spell/subject in camera. The more you capture in camera, the easier it is to save time editing.

FOLLOW THE SUN. When shooting outdoors during sunset, place the light in the same direction as the sun in order to create a natural sunburst on your subject.


Meg Loeks

CHECK YOUR SHADOWS. Pay attention to how shadows are falling on the subject, and soften the light if you need, through the use of modifiers and diffusers.

USE CONTINUOUS LIGHT. To provide stronger directional light and keep the ISO down, use the B10 on continuous light to mix both natural and created light on the subject. You can easily warm or cool the B10 light using the temperature slider to match the natural lighting.

KEEP THE KIDS BUSY. When working with little children and toddlers, it can be challenging to keep them engaged in good lighting as their attention spans are very short. I love to set up an activity or give them something to play with that's going to keep them in good light as long as possible.

Accessorize your B10 and B10 Plus

Photo: Shivali Chopra

Light Shaping Tools

Photography is all about controlling and shaping light. With either the B10 or the B10 Plus it’s easy to take your creativity to the next level with our dedicated range of portable and lightweight OCF Light Shaping Tools.

OCF Beauty Dish White

A portable beauty dish for off-camera flashes

OCF Magnum Reflector

Adds maximum power to our flat fronted lights

OCF II Grid & Gel Kit

For color balance and creativity.
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Photo: Shivali Chopra

On-Camera Remotes

Shoot in automatic TTL mode, control your flashes manually from your camera, sync several flashes at once – the remotes makes it all possible.

Air Remote TTL

Wirelessly connects your AirTTL light with your camera
View all Air Remotes
Photo: Samantha Grönblad


Custom bags to pack your gear in, batteries, chargers and flashtubes. The bits and pieces that brings it all together.

Li-Ion Battery for B10

A spare battery for the B10-series flashes

Battery Charger 3A

Standard battery charger for the Li-Ion battery for B10. Recharges the B10 battery in less than 90 minutes. A charge status LED lets you know when the charging is ready.

Core BackPack S

A sleek backpack for the fast-moving photographer
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