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Light Modifiers

Light modifiers can really improve your lighting and help you create just the kind of mood you're looking for. Profoto is a world leader not only when it comes to flashes, but also when it comes to light modifiers. There are more than 150 available, each with their own distinct effect on light and how it is distributed. Read more

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Soft Zoom Reflector

Creates soft and hard light, and everything in between.

Discontinued Grid Kit

Used with the A1X or A1 for a more direct and circular shape of light

Clic Fresnel

Concentrated light with a Clic

Clic Gel Holder

Color in a Clic

Clic Magnum

Make it brighter in a Clic

OCF Magnum Reflector

Adds maximum power to our flat fronted lights

OCF Softbox Square

Ideal for head and shoulder portraits, used with off-camera flashes