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Barndoor for ProFresnel Spot

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Barndoor for ProFresnel Spot Used to control and flag off light from the ProFresnel Spot

Product number: 100707

The ProFresnel Spot is a huge Fresnel lens that can be mounted directly onto any Profoto head. Being a Fresnel, it creates what you might describe as your typical movie light with a directed, almost horizontal light spread that is perfect for fashion and product photography.

When used at a closer distance, shadows become wider and the light fall-off is reduced. This can be used to create crisp still life pictures, among many other things. Use the optional Barndoors to control its light spread with precision.


  • Controls and flags off light.
  • Four individually controlled barndoors.
  • Can be rotated freely 360°.
  • Compact and high quality.
  • Used with the ProFresnel Spot.