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Creative capture

Does Creative capture work with the Profoto Connect?
At the moment, Creative capture only works with the Profoto B10.

How many Profoto lights can I use to light my subject?
In the first release of the app, you can use one Profoto B10.

How do I set focus?
Tap anywhere on the camera viewfinder to set focus, lock exposure and white balance. This is your point of interest. If you are shooting a portrait, tap on the subject’s face for best results. 

How do I adjust exposure?
Swipe across the vertical slider (the slider with the +/- icon) to adjust background light. 

How do I adjust the power on my light?
Once you’re happy with the background, swipe across the horizontal slider (the slider with a flash icon) to adjust the light on your subject. Take a test shot, preview the result and tweak again until you get the desired result. 

How do I activate and adjust the continuous light?
To activate the continuous light (to preview how the flash will hit your subject), tap the sun icon.  To adjust the strength of the continuous light, long press the sun icon and swipe across the wheel to the preferred level.

How do I deactivate the continuous light?
Tap the sun icon again and the continuous light will turn off. 

How do I adjust the color temperature?
To change the color temperature of the continuous light, press the color drop icon and swipe across the wheel slider to the preferred color tone. 

Why does the Profoto app only work with my wide-angle lens?
Due to time synchronization between the smartphone camera and the flash, each lens requires specific development. Profoto decided to prioritize the wide-angle lens for the first release. Support for other lenses is in our release plan. 

In which format are my images saved?
Your images are saved in Apple’s HEIF format. If you share your images via sms, email or on social media, they will be converted to the standard JPEG format.