FAQ - Profoto A1

Profoto A1

Why have you postponed the A1 for Sony to 2019?
We are dedicated to high quality products. Sometimes final qualification and sourcing of critical components takes longer than expected.

When during 2019 will the A1 for Sony be released?
It will available during the first half of 2019.

Why is my A1 draining battery when it is off?
If the battery level indicator drops too quickly, it might be because of a known bug. Please update to the latest firmware version to resolve the issue.

If you still experience a significant drop in the number of full power flashes, you should contact your dealer or service station for help to evaluate the problem.

Can I use the A1 to control my other Profoto lights?
Yes, the A1 has a built-in Air Remote that can control Profoto Air lights up to 300 m (1000 ft.). 

How do I adjust light exposure when shooting in TTL?
It is easy to fine tune exposure to your preferences by using the dial on the A1. You can adjust up to +/- 3 f-stop. Just make sure none of the groups are selected. You can also use the flash exposure compensation in the camera to achieve the same result. 

How do I use the A1 as an off-camera light?
Enable ‘Air’ on the menu and select same channel on both the transmitting and receiving units and you are ready to shoot off-camera. 

How do I work with High-Speed Sync (HSS) on my Canon camera?
The Canon cameras automatically switch the Profoto A1 into HSS mode when you shoot above the flash sync shutter speed.

How do I work with High-Speed Sync (HSS) on my Nikon camera?
The Nikon cameras automatically switch the Profoto A1 into HSS mode when you shoot above the flash sync shutter speed. 

Can I use the modeling light on the A1 for video and still images?
The modeling light is mainly designed as a modeling light when using flash but can also be used for video and as a light source for still images. For the best results, go to settings, set ‘MODEL’ to ‘MAX’ and set ‘ZOOM’ to full wide. 

Can I travel by air with A1 and its batteries?
Yes. Our Li-ion batteries are UN-certified, so you can take them on a plane, no matter what your destination. All the documentation you need can be found here: Air Travel with Li-Ion Battery for A1.

Can I combine the different A1 light modifiers?
Yes, since they are magnetic, you can stack different A1 modifiers together. When using Soft Bounce, make sure that you fit additional modifiers on top on Soft Bounce and not under it. This will ensure the best fit for the Soft Bounce.

How do I best create large, soft lighting with A1?
The easiest way is to use umbrellas to create soft lighting. Use a stand adapter with hot shoe connection and umbrella mount. You can also use Profoto RFi Speedlight Speedring together with the full range of RFi Softboxes. 

Can I use A1 off-camera with Sony, Olympus or Fujifilm?
Yes, with any Profoto Air Remote TTL on your camera, the Profoto A1 operates with full functionality off-camera, just like any other Profoto Air lights. 

Can I switch language on my Profoto A1?
The language for all Profoto’s products is English and unfortunately this cannot be changed.

What’s the difference between freeze and HSS?
You can either “freeze” motion with the flash duration (i.e. Freeze) or the cameras shutter speed (HSS).

How do I work with High-Speed Sync (HSS) on my Canon camera?
The Canon cameras automatically switch the Profoto A1 into HSS mode when you shoot above the flash sync shutter speed.

With which brands are A1 compatible?
Profoto A1 is available in versions for Canon and Nikon. These units can also be used off-camera together with a Profoto Air Remote. Today we offer an Air Remote TTL for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm and Olympus. During 2019, Profoto will also add a Profoto A1 version for Sony cameras.

Supported Canon camera models:

  • R*
  • 1DX Mark II 
  • 1DX 
  • 1DS Mark III 
  • 5DS 
  • 5DS-R 
  • 5D Mark IV 
  • 5D Mark III 
  • 5D Mark II 
  • 6D Mark II 
  • 6D 
  • 7D Mark II 
  • 7D 
  • 80D 
  • 77D 
  • 70D 
  • 60D 
  • 800D 
  • 700D 
  • 1300D 
  • 1100D

* Note that EOS R doesn't support the AF assist on the A1. It'll use the on-camera LED as AF assist. Also note that EOS R frames per second is limited to max 3.0 fps with A1 for Canon on camera (in TTL and Manual).

Supported Nikon camera models:

  • Z6
  • Z7
  • D5 
  • D4S 
  • D3S 
  • D3X 
  • D850 
  • D810 
  • D800 
  • Df 
  • D750 
  • D700 
  • D500 
  • D300 
  • D610 
  • D600 
  • D7100 
  • D7000 
  • D5600 
  • D5300 
  • D5200 
  • D3300 
  • D3200

Why does A1 Soft Bounce keep falling off?

The most common reason for the Soft Bounce falling off is due to stacking light shaping tools (LST) and not putting the Soft Bounce on first. To prevent this issue put the Soft Bounce on first and stack additional LST on top of the Soft Bounce.

What's the range for using the A1 wireless?
Normal sync and remote control between 0,5m to 300 m (1,5 - 1000 ft). TTL and HSS 0,5m to 100 m (1,5 -330 ft)   Note: If the distance between the Remote and the A1 is shorter than 0,5m (1,5 ft) it might experience disturbance.

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