Short, focused video courses optimized for online learning | Profoto (NL)

Short, focused video courses optimized for online learning

Maximize your time with the camera, not in front of the computer. Watch online videos up to 1 hour long and choose from different fields of photography.

Watch real life photography shoots

Theory is great, but we like practical, scenario-based teaching too. Follow leading photography instructors on real life shoots and learn right where the action is.

Learn by doing, not just observing

After each course, you get to go away and try it for yourself. Apply what you’ve learned using our free, step-by-step PDF guides with useful tips. 

Quiz questions to keep you engaged

Every course includes some quiz questions just to keep the learning engaging and interactive. It also helps you pay attention. And don’t worry, you can always skip them if you want to.

Each Profoto Academy course covers the following:

  • Introduction & what you’ll learn
  • Gear essentials in the photographer’s bag
  • Planning the shoot on location
  • Real life shooting scenarios
  • Summary & post production
  • Final message from your photographer